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[INFOGRAPHIC] 10 Steps to Leveraging Social Media & Search for Your Brand

[INFOGRAPHIC] Ten Steps to Optimizing Your Brand for Social Media and Search

The relationship between social media and search is here to stay.
Are you ready to initiate a proactive social media and search engine optimization strategy to reach your best customers?

This Infographic offers a Ten Step path to get you going.

Ten Steps to Leveraging Social Media and Search for your Brand

1. THINK – Develop proactive strategy to leverage social media and search to achieve goals.

2. BRAND – Create and Optimize your brand’s social media profiles and updates)

3. FOCUS – Don’t bite off more than you can chew, take a phased approach.

4. TARGET – Seek and engage individuals to begin building qualified audiences.

5. IGNORE – # of followers, likes, friends, klout. Instead, focus on quality and relevance to your goals.

6. ENGAGE – Interact in group and 1-to-1 conversation, keep it real.

7. PLAN – Create a Content Calendar for Search Engine Optimized Owned Content on website and social assets.

8. DEPLOY – Schedule Integrated Owned and Paid Content efforts to improve relevance & visibility.

9. MEASURE – Review and adapt your strategy to improve performance, conversion & ROI.

10. REPEAT! – Lather Rinse and Repeat. (You know what to do! : )

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