Million Dollar Website – Best Practices for Any Budget

Why I Wrote the Book “Million Dollar Websites”

Hi, we may not have met yet, but I’ve worked with countless professionals in your shoes. You must create a new website. It must be better than the previous website, competitor’s websites and you must realize a return on investment.
But where do you begin?

One of the most significant investments an organization will make is in their website. Unfortunately, because building a website is not part of the business process, and most organizations will only build a website every one, two or three years, they often rely upon their internal teams, agencies or website vendors to tell them how to build their website. Unfortunately, this is often the fatal flaw that leads to frustration, inflated budgets and disappointing performance. Much more for the brand or business than the webmaster, vendor or agency.

After working with organizations of every size, I can tell you with complete confidence that most websites that fail to reach their potential do so because those driving the website design, content and development do not have the experience, insight and/or tools to integrate the organization’s goals with technology and emerging trends to create a digital environment that will achieve desired results, and the business dependent upon these individuals is not prepared to recognize the disconnect.

This is not to say that your agency, designer, developer, team or you, if you’re the webmaster, doesn’t know what you are doing. However, the moment you release the website as a project to be executed without performing several key exercises internally, the less likely you are to be satisfied with the performance of your website. I know, because I’ve been responsible for a $1 million dollar budget website, and involved in the development of countless other websites as an advisor or service provider in some capacity. And, truth is, most organizations leave out the most important ingredient in the “secret sauce” for creating a winning website.

A Timeless Step-by-Step Guide You Can Refer To, Time and Again

I explain this in detail, along with case studies, best practices and a timeless, step-by-step approach you can apply over and again with every website you create in the future.

I’ve written “Million Dollar Website: The Definitive Guide to Creating Winning Websites on Any Budget” to empower organizations to achieve better results from the website investment. It doesn’t matter how large, or small, your organization and budget are, you are sure to feel more confident in the investment you will make in your website when you apply the proven methods I’ve outlined in this book.

The Definitive Website Planning Guide

I expect this book to become the “go to” resource for every organization planning a new website or website redesign. Suitable for the enterprise, corporation, small business, entrepeneur, agency, design firm, new media and website development companies, this book provides a straightforward approach that removes the mystery of planning a website.

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