The Influence Code

Keynote Speaker Topic:
The Influence Code

Building (and Growing) an Attraction-Based Business

If You Build It RIGHT, They WILL Come.

Rebecca Murtagh delivers  an eye-opening approach to organically mastering the art of influence to attract customers in an increasingly connected economy.

Customers don’t want to be sold, they want to be won over.

Rebecca has helped brands from Fortune 500 to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and global brands earn trust and authority with audiences. She will reveal what it takes to attract the customers, employees, investors, media and influencers critical to success.

The Influence Code Keynote Covers:

  • Powerful data showing the strength and staying power of an attraction-based business
  • Exploration, beyond the hype, of what influence really means.
  • How to manage the delicate balance between influence and control.
  • Simple scientifically-proven methods that build influence.
  • How to drive high-return marketing and sales communication across all mediums.

Rebecca will customize The Influence Code keynote to meet your needs and objectives.

This keynote is also available as a Workshop expanding on the keynote, or as a stand-alone workshop.

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