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Everyone is buzzing about Social Media. Over 50% of marketers are  including social media in their marketing plan, yet when I speak to them, few can articulate what it is they will do, or expect to reap from their efforts beyond creating profiles and adding updates. There is nothing more frustrating than to see an organization invest countless hours in a medium (like social media) without a plan that can actually deliver the results they need.

Hi, I’m Rebecca Murtagh, Founder and Chief Strategist (President) of award-winning Marketing Firm Karner Blue Marketing . I understand that although social media may have be fun to do. I also hear the President, CEO, CMO and CFO from various organizations express their concern about the time, money and energy to be invested in social media marketing, for fear of wasting precious resources with little to no measurable ROI in sight.

Social Media and Search: The Secret Sauce to SEO

The Relationship Between Social Media and Search Engines is Powerful and Must Not Be Ignored. I often write about social media and search for Search Engine Watch. I have also been presenting seminars at Pubcon about Social Media and search, beginning with the first on the topic in 2010 when social media was barely a blip on the minds of search-conscious marketers and brand managers.

Effective Social Media Marketing requires far more strategy than creating profiles and posting updates.

How Hiring Me As Your Social Media Marketing Consultant Improves Social Media Performance:

Putting a Plan Behind The Plan

Recent surveys of marketers reveal that marketers are increasing their marketing budget allocation for social media. Many organizations plan to deploy social media in-house.  I can assist corporate, franchise, enterprise, small business, entrepreneur and not-for-profit organizations to develop social media marketing strategies that will deliver results.

Marketers appear to have low expectations for conversion from social media at this stage. This resembles how marketers viewed websites in the early days of the internet, indicating they may not fully understand HOW to leverage social media to increase visibility and results. Currently, marketers see social media as a place to promote brand awareness and communicate with audiences. The organizations that deploy strategic, meaningful, conversion-focused social conversations with their audiences will be the winners in realizing measurable results and ROI from their social media investment.

Nearly every business has recognized the importance of social media in the marketing mix, yet few are leveraging social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, etc. effectively.

Competitive Advantage

Many businesses are struggling to wrap their heads around SEO (search engine optimization) of their websites, blogs, press releases, etc. Few marketers recognize or understand how powerful the relationship between social media websites and search engines.

Innovative SEO SMM SMO Approach to Social Media. My approach leverages my many years of SEO and best practices in social media to leverage methods I’ve developed that are proven to improve visibility within social platform search and search engine results on Google.

Learn more about the relationship between Social Media Platforms and Search Engines.

Proven Methods Save Time & Money.

At this relatively early phase of Social Media Marketing, organizations are eager to recognize that they must engage socially. Unfortunately, marketers often admit that they really don’t know what to put on the social media page, profile or what to post in their updates to make what they are doing more meaningful than “white noise”. Experimentation is not only costly, but risky in the world of internet marketing ans social media. Leveraging proven methods gives you an unfair advantage over your competition to promote brand and lead the marketplace. I, and my team, will help you put your best foot forward, be consistent with your brand, drive action (clicks and conversion) and measure results.

As a life-long marketer, I care about results. I have developed methods that are proven to leverage social media to promote brand while facilitating meaningful conversations with target audiences. I can help your organization develop a results-driven social media strategy.

Social Media Consulting Services

Social Media Strategy

Defining the Who, What, Where, When and How of your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Social Media Marketing – A Proactive Plan


Building an actionable plan to leverage strategy, selected social media platforms and organization’s “voice” to facilitate meaningful social media conversations for your internal marketing team to deploy, or me and my outstanding marketing team to deploy for you!

Social Media Optimization

> SMO to improve visibility, traffic and conversion.

Leveraging The Relationship Between Social Media and Search Engines

Few Marketers Understand the Relationship between Social Media Platforms and Search Engines. I have leveraged my years of experience in SEO (search engine optimization) and social media best practices to develop a method proven to leverage the relationship between Social Media Profiles, Updates and Search Engines including the Social Media Platforms and Google Search.

Consulting engagements range from on-site, virtual and combinations thereof, including Consulting, Social Media Deployment, Analytics, Review & Recommendations, as determined by the needs of your organization.

As your Social Media Marketing Consultant, I am not an outsider. I serve your organization as part of your team, with your best interests and goals in mind, every step of the way.

I am available as your Social Media Marketing Consultant:

  • One-time – by the project, hour or day.
  • Weekly – by the project, hour or day.
  • Monthly – Retainer by the project, hour or designated day(s)

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