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Sep 09

Google Instant: A First Look at SEO, Android and Old Style Search

By Rebecca Murtagh | SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Google Instant, SEO, Android Mobile Search and Old-Style Search Engine Results The moment Google announced Google Instant, imaginations begin to go wild. Being a Marketer who prefers to make strategic decisions grounded in facts, I wanted to get the scoop about how Google Instant will affect SEO, mobile search and how we use search. Here is what you need […]

May 18

Real-Time Search and Social Media Marketing

By Rebecca Murtagh | SMO - Social Media Optimization

Real Time Search: Changing the Value of Social Media Marketing I’ve been delivering presentations about social media and search engines for months and surprised it is taking so long for others to embrace the way real-time search is changing the value of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Before Google announced real-time search engine indexing of social […]