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How to become a Top Influencer contributor on Linkedin
Oct 23

5 Tips to Use LinkedIn Updates to Grow Your Network and Influence

By Rebecca Murtagh | SMO - Social Media Optimization

5 Power Tips for Leveraging LinkedIn Updates to Advance Any Stage of Your Career

Whether you are the CEO leading a brand, CFO seeking funding, sales professional seeking leads, career professional seeking a new opportunity, expert seeking to share thoughts and opinions, Recruiter seeking new talent, or a student looking for your first job, LinkedIn is the preferred social network for professionals. With over 225 million professionals in 200 countries worldwide, it is safe to say that LinkedIn has become the most trusted professional network in the world.

Bottom line, no matter where you are in your career, LinkedIn can work for you, or against you. The difference is in how you use the platform.

You Have to Do More Than Show Up

Just having a profile on LinkedIn is not enough to grow your network, build influence and achieve your goals. You must be engaged in order to keep those in your network current and gain access to what I call ‘Spheres of Influence’…the indirect connection to colleagues, friends and family of those you are directly connected to.

Posting updates on LinkedIn has several benefits which are not immediately clear to most users. Here are 5 ways to use LinkedIn updates to improve your visibility and reach to your target audience, whether they be customers, media, employers, partners, investors or employees.

5 Ways to Use LinkedIn Updates to Support Career Goals

1. Visibility on LinkedIn: The more frequently you post updates from your social media profile, the more likely you are to keep your network up-to-speed on your focus, and the more likely they are to think of you when an opportunity to hire or help you comes along. When you comment or like, or your update is commented upon or liked, your name appears in notifications for your connection, and in the stream of those you are connected to. Every bit of your engagement on LinkedIn (with the exception of messages) is visible to others, so the more engaged you are, the better!

2. Visibility in Search: Currently Bing displays ‘Klout’, a measurement of personal influence in search engine results. (refer to Klout score in red icon beneath profile on the right in the image below)

How Klout appears in search engine results.

All search engines take queues from social media networks, and display social profiles in SRPs (search engine result pages). The more authority you have, the greater your value is to those you seek to engage, or be engaged by.

3. Visibility to New Connections: When you post something your connects like, it appears on their stream (which everyone they are connected to can see), and you are notified. This opportunity not only provides instant feedback on what your connections are interested in hearing from you, it also enables you to expand your network to others like those you currently have a direct connection to.

For example, if I write about social selling, and one of my connections is in the sales training business and they share that post in an update on their profile or in a group (that I may or may not belong to), everyone that professional is connected to is exposed to my content and becomes a potential connection for me.

4. Visibility in Groups: Much like updates from your profile, posts in groups will appear in your stream. Group posts will appear to other members of that group, even if you are not yet connected. Likes and comments on your post will appear in your notifications, and your likes and comments on others posts will appear in their notifications. This is an excellent way to connect with target audiences.Reach and frequency are key in all aspects of social media. Just as you would never expect a flurry of sales from one single 30 second radio or television ad, you must post and engage regularly if you wish to leverage the platform effectively. The more active you become, the more visible you become – earning “top influencer” status is not extremely difficult with a little time and focus.

How to become a Top Influencer contributor on Linkedin

Power Tip: Think about the audience you are targeting (not just your peers) and this approach becomes 100x more powerful.

5. Visibility on Other Social Networks and Communities: Like most social platforms, you have the opportunity to connect your LinkedIn account to another account to allow facilitating simultaneous updates on multiple networks. Push notifications should be executed with thought and de-selected when a post is inappropriate for one network or another.

You may also use your LinkedIn profile as credentials to ‘log in’ for commenting on blog posts, community forums, etc. When you do, your profile is typically connected to your comment, enabling those who see the post and your comments to learn more about you and potential become a new connection for you.

So there you have it – hopefully you’ve learned at least one little something new about the power of an update on LinkedIn.

Like this? Share it, or comment on this blog or on the LinkedIn update – doing so will elevate your visibility and potentially connect you to someone uniquely able to support your goals.

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Aug 30

Tips from Rebecca Murtagh Featured in Women’s Magazine Article on Facebook Marketing

By Editor | Media Room

Rebecca Murtagh interviewed for Magazine article on Social Media Marketing

Women @ Work, a magazine feature of a NY Capital Region newspaper recently interviewed Rebecca Murtagh, recognized thought leader and CEO of Karner Blue Marketing LLC regarding social media.

Womens Magazine article features tips from Rebecca Murtagh

The magazine feature article highlighted tips from Rebecca Murtagh in the context of Facebook as a business marketing tool.

Facebook and Social Media Marketing Tips

Murtagh provided tips related to social media marketing as an overall topic, emphasizing that Facebook is not right for every business, stressing “The most important thing is to put everything in context and understand that Facebook is effective when you target your audience,” Murtagh says. “You have to understand who you’re trying to reach and you have to have a plan in mind.”

Most important tip: Have a plan before you invest valuable time and resources into Facebook or any social media platform with the intent of promoting your business.

Click to view the entire article.

Jan 02

The Influence of People Through Social Media

By Rebecca Murtagh | SMO - Social Media Optimization

How We Are Influenced, and Influence Others With What We Post Online

social media influence

We are impacted by persons we have been introduced to through social media every day. They may share valuable information, a fresh perspective, or a better way to do something. Often, a blog or post motivates or inspires professional or personal action, without the author ever knowing.

Posts and Updates Take on a Life of Their Own

The post may be seen the moment it is shared on social media or in an RSS feed. Or, it may not be found until days, months or years later. Yet, because of its relevance to the person reading it, that tweet, blog or share often becomes more than a published post. It can, and often does influence decisions, choices and actions of others in a real way.

There are numerous experts and thought-leaders who have unknowingly influence me in some way professionally. Below are two examples of how social interactions have influenced me personally.


While at Digital World Expo to speak, I had the pleasure of chatting with Tim Ash who was also presenting a session. We had crossed paths online, but this was the first time we had met in person. We spoke of  kids, family, his Conversion Conference, his book  and photography. As  Tim was walking around with a digital SLR camera taking photos of everyone, I felt as though I was missing something. I have always enjoyed photography. In fact, in college I studied photography, learned how to develop my own film, prints, etc. I learned to shoot on a manual 35mm camera, and have never replaced it with a digital SLR. Despite my passion for the art of photography over many years, I had deferred to pocket digital cameras while traveling and raising a family, denying myself the joy of photography.


What Tim does professionally gave us common ground. Yet, it was my exposure to Tim’s personal interest in photography that inspired me. Within 2 weeks after chatting with Tim at a rooftop networking event in Las Vegas, I had researched, purchased and was shooting with a digital SLR camera. I have since traveled with the camera and use it even more than I thought I would. Seeing a “kindred spirit” doing something I loved, gave me that extra little nudge I needed to do something about it, finally.


Seth Godin is well known for sharing his thoughts on everything from marketing, entrepreneurship and being proactive in achieving goals. This year, Seth was highly successful in circumventing the traditional publishing world by crowd-funding ‘The Icharus Deception”, an experiment in publishing based on the mythology of success. Seth introduces the book by saying “We are all artists now”.

I have started 3 books over the past few years. Seeing a prolific author publish a book about something he was passionate about inspired me.  So, after months of writing, I have finished my first book; “Million Dollar Websites”, sharing have learned about the common, costly mistakes frequently made by those investing in websites. I expect the book, which will be finally published in January 2013, to be the first of many.  I would have written the book. However, seeing another author break out of his comfort zone to embrace a topic that he was passionate about provided additional inspiration to take on the totally exhilarating, exhausting and rewarding experience of finishing my book.

You don’t have to be a rock star in order for your expertise and knowledge to do good (thankfully).

You Never Know Who You Could Be Influencing

As I have shared, two people I just happened to cross paths with have inspired me without ever knowing it. The same is true with what you write and post on your blog or social media accounts. You may never truly know who you have influenced, or how. Rest assured, just as you have likely been influenced by someone you have encountered, you are likely to impact those around you.

How to Improve Your Social Media Influence

Three things to keep in mind when you post (even when you think no one is reading):

  1. What you post will be ‘out there’ on the internet forever. It may be read the moment you write it, or be viewed months or years later, so keep that in mind when writing. And, even if you delete it, chances are it has been seen, captured or archived somewhere.
  2. Be authentic to yourself and to your brand. The information may not be timeless, but if you are consistent with your personal brand, the context that moment in time will go a long way in building credibility and ability to attract like-minded people you are likely to influence, and be influenced by, over time.
  3. To improve the life of what you write, optimize it to be visible across all platforms. Use keywords when writing, hashtags (on Twitter and Google+) when sharing, and make the destination page or post search engine-friendly. Optimization extends the life of what you write far beyond the moment you post it.

Who have you influenced?

Who have you been influenced by?

Sep 28

Netiquette is a Must in Today’s Social Media Landscape

By Rebecca Murtagh | SMO - Social Media Optimization

Social Media Etiquette Tips You Can Use

Etiquette Couns on Social Media Too!

Emily Post became the authority on social etiquette when she published her first book on social graces; Etiquette: The Blue Book of Social Usage, also named Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home in 1922. In the age of calling-cards and high-society, how well one followed proper social etiquette could impact social status, success in business and politics. Social interaction was deliberate and formal in that age. Fast-forward to today where interactions occur in seconds, often without little thought, and it seems the art of etiquette is a lost art.

Social media has made connecting with others easier than ever. That doesn’t mean that implied rules do not apply. Each social media platform has its own nuances. However there are some basics that would be useful to those new to social media, and many experienced social personalities could benefit from.

Social Media Etiquette Dos and Don’t s:

  • Graciously accept invitations to connect from people you know.
  • Reach out to those you wish to connect with, once. Let them decide whether and how to accept or reciprocate.
  • Connect with all those you know and are willing to be associated with in the public eye.
  • Acknowledge introductions and recommendations with a personal thank you by email, phone call, direct message.
  • Make requested introductions online (and in-person) when you are comfortable with the implied endorsement.
  • Be generous in helping those you wish to support with recommendations, reviews, endorsements, shares, etc.
  • Never share personal data or contact information of a connection without their permission.
  • Reciprocate and/or thank those who frequently “like”, “+”, comment or generously share your content, social media posts and updates whenever possible.
  • Do not take liberties that extend beyond the scope of your relationship, like adding a connection to your daily email list and spamming them with emails about your wares. Invite them to opt-in, let them decide.
  • When in doubt on what is proper, take the conservative path.
  • Remember that everything you write, post, comment on and share on the internet is archived somewhere (even if you delete it) and can appear at any time, so communication should always be consistently with your brand and perspective.
  • Take time to learn the “unwritten rules” of each social media platform, and abide by them.

Whether you connect with 5, 500, 5,000 or a million others on social media, you are more likely to find engagement rewarding and beneficial when you apply social grace to your interactions and communications.

Are there any social media etiquette tips you would add?