Consulting: Winning Hearts and Minds

Many Brands Find Themselves in a New Marketplace – One Controlled By Customers.

Rebecca helps organizations seeking to grow market share define their Brand DNA to create a compelling value proposition that wins hearts and minds of customers, media, partners, investors and employees.

There comes a time in the life of a business that growth becomes stagnant. Every business must maintain some level of growth if it is to survive the test of time. Yet, sometimes the process, mechanics and cycles of a business take over amidst growth. And, somehow the organization has lost their way – no longer able to attract new customers, grow market share and keep the brand alive.

A Social, Digital Economy Requires Fresh Perspective

Many businesses and start-ups are built using a framework that has been around for ages. However, the landscape in which their business will compete in has changed drastically in recent years. Customers are now in control of a brand’s destiny. Now, more than ever, a brand must approach market share as a place where they must win customers, one at a time.

Open Wallets By Winning Hearts and Minds

Rebecca Murtagh helps brands approach their business and brand with a fresh perspective. As a seasoned marketer, Rebecca has worked with CEO’s and entrepreneurs for many years to help them define their TRUE USP (unique selling proposition) and guided them in creating a compelling brand message that wins hearts and minds. After all, it is much more than data that gets investors and customers to open up their checkbooks (checks are a becoming an out-dated method of payment, but you get the idea).

After all, behind each and every transaction is a human.

Brand DNA

Many organizations are well into a marketing plan without ever really understanding the true DNA of their brand. Rebecca extracts business owners from what they initially think they need:  SEO, social media, mobile ads, blogging, mobile app, etc., to address gaps in the brand to create a compelling brand strategy that differentiates them from competitors.

Winning Hearts and Minds to Build a Sustainable Brand from Rebecca Murtagh on Vimeo.

Competitive Advantage

It is imperative that the business reveal its DNA if there is any hope of resonating with the most qualified customers. Being able to articulate what makes the brand valuable, appealing to the right and left side of the brain, wins hearts and minds.

A Solid Strategy Wins – Always.

It doesn’t matter how much a brand has to invest in the marketing of their brand. It doesn’t take a ton of money to win over customers, employees, partners and the media, and inspire them to share the brand with their ‘Spheres of Influence”. But it does require focus, vision and yes, a little heart. The more articulate and passionate the brand is in delivering value to the marketplace, the easier it is for customers to determine why they should choose that brand over competitors.

Then, and only then, will efforts like SEO, social media, blogging and mobile ads deliver ROI and the results needed to build a sustainable brand.


A Consultant That Helps Brands Embrace Their DNA and Win Hearts and Minds.

Working with C-level executives, their boards, marketers, entrepreneurs and small business owners, Rebecca helps organizations cut through the clutter, discover their true DNA, and build a strategy that they, and their teams can get excited about. Which, in turn, translates to more successful leadership, marketing, sales, investor relations, public and media relations, and customer service.

Consulting: Building a Sustainable Brand

> Defining a Brand’s True DNA
> Creating a Compelling Brand Story
> Winning Hearts and Minds – Within and Outside the Organization
> Using Passion as a Competitive Advantage
> Using Marketing & Advertising to Win Hearts and Minds

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