What is Human AI?

Human AI and CROWD SUCCESS evangelist and human performance coach

​Rebecca Murtagh

​Human AI Evangelist and Performance Coach

​We have arrived at a moment in time ​when ​humans must operate from a place of genius (Human AI) in order to survive and thrive in the new world of intelligence machines.

The ​Challenge Every Human Faces:

​Every aspect of life is being influenced by artificial intelligence. Machines are being used to replace or compliment humans doing tasks in every sector of the global landscape.

​As robots and machines replace humans doing tasks, humans are faced with the challenge of creating meaningful careers doing what robots and machines cannot do well.

​Unfortunately, the ​development of Human AI ​has not accelerated at the same pace as machine AI. This creates a threat that most people remain blissfully unaware of.

The Solution:

​Human AI enables humans to operate from a place of genius to innovate and solve problems faster.

​When we ​tap into our individuality and ​embrace our ​"humanness" we can ​fulfill our potential and achieve AMAZING things - things machines ​​cannot do.

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What is Human AI?

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