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Rebecca MurtaghWelcome, I am delighted you are here!
Whether our paths have crossed by way of LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Search Engine Watch, Pubcon, SFIMA, SES, Web 2.0,, my award-winning marketing firm, best-selling book, Google+ Community; or live at as a marketing keynote speaker or trainer… I am so glad you found your way to my  personal website and blog today!

What is on your mind today?
How may I help you achieve your goals?

If we’ve met, you know that I can sometimes be a bit quiet, that is until I have the opportunity to write, speak or teach the topics I am most passionate about! Then, I will enthusiastically draw you in to explore the topics that literally prompt me to jump out of bed in the morning. I absolutely love what I do and grateful to have the ability to help others connect information, methods and their passion to achieve their goals.

Thank you for becoming part of my journey, it would be my honor to be part of yours, Carpe- Diem!

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Brand MarketingSMM - Social Media Marketing

Influence = power. While many seek to grow audiences, focusing on the aggregation of likes, followers, fans and friends; what really matters is influence

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Expected to impact more website than recent Google algorithm updates than Panda and Penguin, ‘Mobilegeddon’ is expected to shake things up in search for

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Business Strategy

Success Requires Innovation and Courage Innovation is a quality many businesses and brands lack, as demonstrated by the 86% failure rate of the Fortune

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