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 Rebecca Murtagh leads the way to exponential growth and market leadership in a rapidly-changing world.

Empower your audience with the latest insights on competing and winning in the new enlightened economy.

Rebecca Murtagh is recognized as one of the world’s top experts in marketing and growing a business in the real-world. An extremely knowledgeable passionate speaker, Rebecca empowers audiences to walk away with ideas they can put into action right away.
Plus, her passion is captivating and contagious!

A Powerful, Energetic and Personable Keynote Speaker

Throughout her career, Rebecca has worked hard to dispel myths, clear the fog and provide executives, business owners, and professionals of all levels with the insight they need to achieve their goals in an ever-changing digital marketplace.

Rebecca has been interviewed or featured by, Adobe’s, Money Magazine, American Business Journals; has been a contributing writer to several industry blogs, and has attracted attendees from around the world at dozens of high-profile events.

An Authoritative ExpertRebecca Murtagh

Decades of experience working with or for Fortune 500, Silicon Valley, global consumer brands, technology companies, small business owners, entrepreneurs, members of the C-Suite, executives, and professionals of all levels enable Rebecca to present timely, actionable information to any audience, of any age…a rare quality indeed.

Rebecca Murtagh’s first best-selling book Million Dollar Websites, was a labor of love written for entrepreneurs, executives, business owners and marketers. She reveals secrets previously known only to professionals operating at the highest levels of E-Business, E-Commerce, website development, SEO and marketing to help organizations achieve better results from the most visible aspect of the brand : the website.

Rebecca’s career may have started before the internet, but she is best known for blazing a trail with her ground-breaking, award-winning work in the early days of the internet.
An entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of an award-winning digital consultancy, and expert judge for websites, internet advertising campaigns, and mobile websites and apps: Rebecca is recognized around the world for her business expertise.

As a keynote speaker, Rebecca get audiences excited about opportunities for exponential growth and market share created by emerging trends.

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Give your audience an information-packed, thought-provoking, action-oriented experience they will thank you for.
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