Reviews and Testimonials for Rebecca Murtagh

Rebecca has spoken to thousands of people in multiple countries over 20+ years.

Rebecca pulls from her vast experience in the real world to help audiences leverage emerging trends to work smarter and fulfill their potential.


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Rebecca’s presentations get audiences thinking, talking, sharing and motivated to take action!

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Below is a sampling of how attendees respond to hearing Rebecca Murtagh speak…

“Rebecca’s training session was outstanding!
Reading about strategy and tactics is great, but seeing Rebecca demonstrating the relationship between them all really drove home the business benefits for me.”

Mike DeBritz – President of Community Learning

“Great insights …good speaking style”
Steve Merrill – Retail Vertical, Salesforce

“Always an amazing presenter”
Melyssa St. Michaels – Senior Vice President, Anthropology and Search Sciences, Rockfish

“Great presentation… & excellent Q & A session. Very knowledgeable!” 
The team at Texting Tool

“Great session, solid stuff with clear action/takeaways” 
Adam Wooley – Prezi

“Your presentation was outstanding — thanks for sharing!
The AccuConference Team

Rebecca Murtagh has been invited to speak over 20 times in multiple cities at Pubcon, a Forbes “must attend conference” and Inc. “best conference for growing your business” since 2009.

Rebecca with Brett Tabke ‏Founder and CEO of PubCon

Rebecca Murtagh with Brett Tabke ‏Founder and CEO of Pubcon Pro Digital Conferences

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