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Privacy Policy

Generic “log data”(such as IP address, geographic information, device, browser type, system, etc.) is collected from website visitors and processed and interpreted through various analytics, marketing and marketing analysis tools. These tools do not capture or display personally identifiable information. We use this data to continually improve the user experience and security of our audiences across our website, communication and marketing channels.

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Personally identifiable data provided (such as name, email address, etc.) via our website submission, enrollment forms, or via content on other platforms, is collected and may be stored using applications we license from third-party vendors, and/or local applications and systems. Public engagement (such as “liking” or commenting on social media platforms) with published digital content and profile; should be considered public and viewable by any individual or organization.

Personal and/or business data collected from clients necessary to execute the contractual obligations of a service agreement are maintained on our system with normal security protocols in place.We respect the privacy and protect the confidentiality of our clients. Business data collected and shared in the course of our services is never shared. No security method is 100% secure, however we maintain security protocols on and offline.

Registration and/or payment information collected for services, training and/or events may be processed and managed by payment merchant/processors. Transaction information collected or received online by financial institutions, merchant or payment applications will be maintained and deleted according to policy, laws and regulations of those merchants and payment applications.

Any contact information you provide (email addresses, phone number and/or name) will remain active on our internal and licensed systems until which time they have proven to be outdated, part of a purge, and/or requested to be removed by unsubscribing. If you experience difficulty doing this, please contact us.

Cookie Policy

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