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Rebecca Murtagh is an internationally recognized expert in e-business, social media, search engine optimization, mobile and digital marketing. After years of urging by clients and colleagues, Rebecca has finally made time to share her unique perspective, insights and many years of experience in the books outlined below.

Success and the Genius Within: Your Guide to Human AI, the Future of Work, Innovation and Creativity Amidst the Greatest Disruption in Human History

AI will outsmart humans and replace 30-50% of jobs globally by 2030.

This digital disruption creates opportunity – if not an urgent mandate – for each of us to embrace the genius within ourselves and others to create a promising future for ourselves – and that of future generations – who will inevitably co-exist with intelligent machines.Rebecca Murtagh crowdfunding book

“Success and the Genius Within” grants every human permission to pursue their talents and true passion, fulfill their potential, and play an essential role in creating a promising future for themselves – and that of future generations – who will inevitably co-exist with intelligent machines.

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Million Dollar Websites:
Build a Better Website Using Best Practices of the Web Elite in E-Business, Design, SEO, Usability, Social, Mobile and Conversion

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 Ebook written by top marketing keynote speaker thought-leader and trainer

“5 Reasons Why Hearts and Minds Will Determine the Success of a Brand”
by Rebecca Murtagh

This a Free eBook written by Rebecca Murtagh illustrates the importance of appealing to the right and left brain of audiences to win hearts and minds.

Which, is the approach her award-winning marketing firm takes in helping clients leverage today’s digital, social landscape to build their brands and businesses.

Whether you are an executive, business owner, entrepreneur or in sales, marketing, or customer service, this 20 page book uses data to compel brands to realize that earning market share requires winning hearts and minds, one customer at a time.

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Crowd Success by Rebecca Murtagh

Coming out in early 2017, watch for details!