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Rebecca Murtagh Leads the Discussion on Google’s Intel Inside as Data and Shift From Word Based Index to Knowledge Graph at Social Media and Search Conference

Rebecca Murtagh challenged attendees of her February 14th Pubcon Paradise presentation in Waikiki, Hawaii on “The Convergence of Social Media and Search”. Rebecca challenged marketers to emerge from the myopic approach of keywords in SEO and search to look ahead to integrate the relationships between people, brands and each other to influence visibility in social media and search engines.

Google Search Shifts Focus from Words to Relational Data

In 2007, Google told the world their “intel inside” was data, not search. This, along with Google’s most recent discussion of the Knowledge Graph from the word-based index we have come to know in Google Search will change the way we search and interact with data on the web. -Rebecca Murtagh

The Ground is Shifting in Search

In February 2012, Google Fellow Amit Singhal shared the vision of the Google Knowledge Graph in an interview with Lance Ulanoff of Mashable. Having invested many months in observing, testing and adapting strategies around how Google Search was integrating social engagement, Rebecca challenged PubCon attendees to elevate their perspective to look beyond the mechanics of keyword-centric SEO to appease Google’s Word-Based Index, to leverage the relationship between content, brands and people to keep up with the way Google will “connect the dots” online in the future.

Google is “building a huge, in-house understanding of what an entity is and a repository of what entities are in the world and what should you know about those entities,” Amit Singhal told Mashable.

“Google’s desire to shift from the mere meaning of words on their own merit, to the relationship between those words, people, places and things, using artificial intelligence will change the way we search and live,” explains Rebecca. “Sometimes search and social media practitioners get caught in the weeds with details, and comfort with the status quo. My goal was to heighten awareness of attendees beyond the mechanics of the “keyword” to the relationship between their brand, people and content to achieve visibility in a new way. Google’s use of artificial intelligence and the Knowledge Graph will present a challenge for many, however those who continue to adapt their methods to remain relevant will win in social media and search”, said Rebecca Murtagh. View the entire Amit Singhal interview on Mashable.com. Rebecca’s PubCon Paradise presentation can be viewed below.

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