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Leadership, ​Genius, Innovation and Collaboration

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Rebecca Murtagh

Rebecca Murtagh, the world’s foremost Human AI Evangelist,
shows humans how to unleash the genius
within themselves and others
to turn goals and dreams into reality
with two powerful, science and data-driven approaches:

Human AI can help you achieve any goal faster.

When You Unleash Your Genius
you can create a successful, sustainable and fulfilling
business or career.

Disruptions are wake-up calls.
Every business experiences disruption at one point or another.
From pandemics and technology to the rise of AI and intelligent machines, the world is changing faster than ever.
Only those prepared to adapt and pivot survive disruptions.
Some disruptions are unexpected, others can be predicted.


Rebecca Murtagh believes disruption creates opportunity
if not a mandate
for each of us to embrace the genius within ourselves and those around us
to build sustainable, rewarding businesses and careers.

A highly-respected futurist, entrepreneur, international speaker, coach, and consultant with decades of experience working with C-Suite executives, startups, entrepreneurs and large established brands across many industries from Silicon Valley and Fortune 500, to Main Street U.S.A., Rebecca is passionate about helping humans
leverage Human AI and the Genius Within
to innovate faster, turn goals and dreams into REALITY.

Want to take control of your future?

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