Success and the Genius Within:

Your Guide to Human AI, the Future of Work, Innovation and Creativity Amidst the Greatest Disruption in Human History.

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The world is quite different today than it was 30 minutes or 30 days ago. The future will be drastically different ten years from now.

Experts believe automation and AI will replace 30-50% of the global work force by 2030. That translates to 800 million careers including doctors, accountants, lawyers, manufacturing, retail workers, journalists, software, finance, and beyond. How future-proof is your career, business or life?

This digital disruption creates opportunity – if not an urgent mandate – for each of us to embrace the genius within ourselves and others to create a promising future for ourselves – and that of future generations – who will inevitably co-exist with intelligent machines.

“Success and the Genius Within” grants every human permission to pursue their talents and true passion, fulfill their potential, and play an essential role in creating a promising future for themselves – and that of future generations – who will inevitably co-exist with intelligent machines.

Genius is not reflected by IQ, an ivy-league degree, beauty, or wealth. Genius comes from intellect AND the full prism of soft skills that draw from an individual’s perspective and experiences.

• Why digital transformation and “The Singularity” will only negatively impact those unprepared.
• The future of human genius and creativity in a future among intelligent machines.
• The important role the humanities must play in responsible development of AI and machines.
• Why it is essential for each human to embrace the genius within and follow their passion.
• How to overcome individual and cultural challenges to recognizing the genius within ourselves and others.
• How peak performance of individuals creates ‘Human AI’: a whole greater than the sum of its parts.
• How celebrating individuality and “the genius within” accelerates collaboration, innovation and success.
• How to create a fulfilling career or business that can sustain the disruptive age we live in.

To some, the future looks dim for humans. Most books focus on the future of artificial intelligence and impending reality of “The Singularity”. These topics elude the general public because they are largely written for technical and scientific audiences. To date, no book connects digital transformation – the biggest disruption in human history – with topics that relate to the future of everyday life.

“Success and the Genius Within” fills the void between books that paint the picture of the “The Singularity” and the rise of the machines that leave little room to explore what, if anything, humans can do to preserve, or “future-proof” their careers, businesses and communities; and traditional books about the relationship between success and “soft skills”, such as communications, leadership, emotional intelligence, team work, problem solving, etc.

“Success and the Genius Within” challenges the foregone conclusion of AI experts that humans could become “house pets” to intelligent machines. “Success and the Genius Within” transforms fear of “The Singularity” into an opportunity, if not a mandate, for humans to chart their own path forward by tapping into the genius within themselves and others.

When humans approach problems the way machines leverage artificial intelligence, they create Human AI; a “whole” different and smarter than the sum of its “parts” (humans). Human AI grows exponentially when it encompasses the intellect AND the ‘genius within’ each of us.

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