A Passionate Keynote Speaker Makes All the Difference

Rebecca Murtagh is a keynote speaker, thought-leader, futurist, and author that has been speaking to high-level audiences since the 1990’s. Audiences walk away from keynotes, seminars and training sessions¬† feeling informed, empowered and inspired to take action.

Audiences Get Excited About The Possibilities!Rebecca is a passionate keynote speaker

Rebecca’s subject matter expertise instills confidence and wins the trust of audiences quickly. Her enthusiasm overcomes any fear attendees may have had about how the latest trends can be put to work in helping them compete and win in today’s digital, social economy.

Rebecca’s ability to connect concepts with real-world stories helps attendees connect-the-dots between emerging trends in leadership, e-business, marketing, brand strategy, e-commerce, social media, social selling, SEO, technology and their goals to elevate performance, leadership, sustainability and profitability.

Keynote Speeches Offered by Rebecca Murtagh ::

Crowd Compass:
The Mega-Strategy to Consistently Win Loyal Customers for Life

When you understand how to harness the power of the crowd, you can apply the same principles over and again. Click to learn more about this keynote and related workshop.

Crowd Compass is based on the book Crowd Success by Rebecca Murtagh.

Million Dollar Mastery:
Propel Your Brand Forward in the New Economy

If your business or organization are not keeping up with the “new normal” it will be left behind.
Click to learn more about this keynote and related workshop.

The Influence Code:
Building an Attraction-Based Business

If You Build It RIGHT, They WILL Come.
Click to learn more about this keynote and related workshop.

Inform, Inspire and Motivate Your Audience With a Knowledgeable Keynote Speaker

Rebecca invests a great deal of time and effort to customize presentations uniquely suited to the challenges and interest of her audiences. The consummate professional, Rebecca is dedicated to making the time she spends with audiences is valuable and productive.

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