Crowd Compass

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Crowd Compass

The Mega-Strategy to Consistently Win Loyal Customers for Life

Will the new economy work for or against you?
Rebecca Murtagh is a powerful keynote speaker that connects science, psychology and proven methods to present the ultimate guide to building quality audiences and inspiring them to act.

Once you gain a deep understanding of the crowd you can apply the same principles over and again.
Rebecca shares expertise developed from working with Fortune 500, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, legacy brands and emerging leaders around the globe.

Learn what it takes to win the hearts and minds of customers, employees, investors, media, influencers and brand champions in an enlightened economy.

The Crowd Compass Keynote Covers:

  • Compelling science behind the psychology and power of the crowd.
  • Scientifically-proven methods for attracting your target audience on any platform.
  • Simple, yet powerful principals to cut through the clutter when building a quality audience.
  • How to quickly grow audiences and inspire the crowd to act.
  • Rebecca’s secret formula for accelerating audience growth on any platform.

Rebecca will customize the Crowd Compass keynote to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Related Book:

The Crowd Compass keynote is based on the book Crowd Success by Rebecca Murtagh.
Please contact us to purchase copies at a quantity discount for attendees of your event.

This keynote is also available as a Workshop expanding on the keynote, or as a stand-alone workshop.

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