Million Dollar Websites – The Book by Rebecca Murtagh

Million Dollar Websites - the bookMillion Dollar Websites:

Build a Better Website Using Best Practices of the Web Elite in E-Business, Design, SEO, Usability, Social, Mobile and Conversion

by Rebecca Murtagh

This book is silently disrupting the web industry.

Million Dollar Websites will change how:

…the website is viewed and valued,

…a website is designed, built and optimized,

…the website is budgeted, purchased and sold, and;

…how the success of a website is measured.

Expert Insights From a Marketing Thought-Leader and Futurist

Why did Rebecca write this book? Because knowledge is power and Rebecca is passionate about empowering those responsible for the success of businesses and brand with timely information that enables them to make informed decisions, compete and become market leaders.

The book enables attendees of Rebecca’s keynotes, conference sessions and workshops to dive deeper into topics related to the most visible asset of a brand – the website. But, she doesn’t stop with the website itself. Rebecca expands upon topics vital to the website such as mobile, social media and conversion – connecting the dots between emerging trends and hot topics; and methods proven to work in the real world.

Rebecca invested a year to write Million Dollar Websites: Build a Better Website Using Best Practices of the Web Elite. She has been sharing slices of the information included in the book with clients and session attendees since the 1990’s as an E-Business, Marketing Keynote Speaker and Trainer.

The Way Most Websites Have Been Created is Fatally Flawed

For too long, those who will rely upon the performance of the most visible asset of their business or brand in the hands of those who build the website – who typically have little or no interest or accountability in performance.  Because most organizations do not have a blueprint for success, they are subject to the requirements and desires of those will build the website.

Far Too Many Organizations Are Unhappy With Website Performance and ROI

For years Rebecca Murtagh has been approached by clients who had invested in a website that failed to deliver what they expected. Most could not determine why. Some thought they needed SEO, some thought they needed a new website design, and some just didn’t know why they could not compete online.  Many were led into the creation of a fabulous design, cool technology, or optimization tactics that jeopardized their ability to be indexed and visible on search engines. Their website became a product of the needs, desires and goals of the team that created it, rather than fulfilling its destiny as an effective extension of the business.

This is not entirely their fault. Most organizations do deliver what they propose to. The problem is, most businesses do not take ownership of the process. So, instead of the website delivering what they need, they get a website that satisfies the goals of the web team, or web vendor.

The website is one of the most important investments you will make in your business.

Just as a home is one of the most important investments you will make in your personal life; the website is one of the most important investments you will make in your business.

When the business views the website as a project, or marketing communication, much like the catalog and brochure and does not have a plan, or cannot articulate strategy and requirements, the website is subject to interpretation by those who will create it.

Would you ever hire a contractor to build your home without defining your requirements and preferences?
I would think not. Then, why would you ever let a team build a vital business asset without defining requirements that will enable the website to support your organization’s immediate and long-term goals?

Transforming the Website from Expense to Asset

Unfortunately, most organizations do not view the website as a business asset.
It is time to elevate the website from the list of projects every one, two or three years, to the status of a vital business asset.

Rebecca Murtagh has helped numerous  organizations take ownership and proactively mange the website as the business asset it can, and should be. Most made decisions they were not equipped to make. Often, the choices and implications were unclear to them. They trusted vendors who had their own bottom line to think of. As a result, Rebecca has become a trusted adviser to organizations of all sizes, helping them better understand what the website can, and should do, and enabling them to get more from the investment they make in the website, to increase success and ROI.

Businesses Can, and Should Demand More From the Website

“It is my personal mission to elevate the quality of websites going live every day. Unfortunately, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to educate, empower and help all the companies who have had to settle for the website they were provided, rather than the website they need to support their goals,” explains Rebecca, “and exactly why I wrote this book.”
-Rebecca Murtagh