Uses 50% off Coupon Deal To Build LivingSocial As a Groupon Competitor

By Rebecca Murtagh | SMM - Social Media Marketing

Jan 19

Amazon Goes After Groupon Market Share With Living Social Coupon Deal

50% coupon deal from Living Social

click to claim this deal! acquired Social Coupon Platform Living Social to go head to head with Groupon a mere month ago, but is wasting no time with a 50% offer for Gift Cards.

Amazon Demonstrates How Social Media Coupon Campaigns WORK

This Social Coupon Campaign is a perfect example of how social media and consumers can quickly be leveraged to quickly:

  • build brand awareness.
  • generate social influence online.
  • drive a ton of traffic to their website.
  • build a proprietary email list by geographic location.
  • An instant, opt-in audience to promote new offers to nationally or by city.

Do Social Coupon Deals Work?

You be the judge:
4 hours in to the promoton, over 400,000 deals have been redeemed/purchased. Each purchase requires the connection of the purchaser’s Facebook account or creation of a LivingSocial account.

Click Here to Get a piece of the 50% off Gift Card action!

If anyone questioned the abilit of @LivingSocial to take market share away from @Groupon, I believe the answer has been delivered today.
Wouldn’t you agree?

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  • Adam says:

    This is very interesting. Thanks for the info.

  • Pam Lawhorne says:


    I’m just starting to really see to surge in this industry and to be honest I think it’s something that I initially overlooked because I felt it was more product based then service based.

    I think like anything else, the front runner had a really good lead but someone else (watching and lurking in the background) will come along and steal their thunder!

    Great information… I guess I need to learn more about the benefits! Something else I need to add to my “to do list”!

    Pam Lawhorne

    • Virtual Marketer Blog Virtual Marketer Blog says:

      Thanks for the comment Pam, You’re right, there are many service-based, and B2B companies now leveraging the social coupon phenomemon successfully. After all, it’s not about generating cash, it’s about building brand awareness, reaching new customers and growing loyal audiences.

      This method of digital marketing is young, but growing so fast, we’re sure to see major evolution in coming months!

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