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Rebecca Murtagh

Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Futurist, CEO of an Award-Winning Consultancy and world-renowned expert.

☆ Your Guide to Exponential Growth in an Enlightened Economy ☆

I absolutely LOVE what I do!

The enlightened economy is here.
If you aren't continually evolving, you WILL be left behind.

I have had the pleasure of working with Fortune 500, Silicon Valley start-up, Multi-national brands, Small Business owners, and everything in between.

Today, I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs, businesses and brand-builders JUST LIKE YOU connect what you instinctively know with the latest data and science to build a powerful, sustainable business.

Need a break-through strategy to build your business, pivot, grow market share, or increase brand equity? Let's talk.

To your success!

Seminars & Events

Are you a social entrepreneur? (Psssst! Look Below for Your Link to Free Registration to an Event I think You Will Truly Enjoy! ;

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Social Media & Search

From the moment I joined Twitter in April 2008 I saw the power and potential of social media. I’ve tweeted over 42,300 times, earned

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What a Futurist Sees
Business Strategy

Someone once asked why I use the word “futurist” in my professional biography. It is a fair question. The Cambridge Dictionary defines a futurist

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Natural Speech is Vital to Brands Seeking to Satisfy Search Engines and Customers Language is the foundation of interaction between humans; and between humans and brands. Exponential growth of smart

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do you make common mistakes when communicating with customers?
Clicks to Conversion

Do You Communicate in the Same Language Your Audience Speaks? One of the greatest challenges a business has when communicating on the web is

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