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Could Google+ for Business and Brands Be a Revenue Play?

Might Google+ Require Business and Brands Pay to Play?social media for brands and businesses

Could Google’s Tight Control of Businesses on Google+ reveal intent to roll out a “Pay to Play” Revenue model?

Google has so tightly managed the release of its Google+ Social Network that it has proactively deleted profiles created with handles, brand or business names during it’s controlled roll out to the public. Google has confirmed their intent to accelerate Google+ for Business. But let’s be real, Google is all about business relatonships, and revenue. It had to have included business participation in its plan to dominate the social media landscape.
Every social media platform has begun with personal profiles…Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Many wuld proactively create business profiles, which prompted the platforms to enable businesses to include relevant information. But, they didn’t aggressively prohibit business use. And, then came enhanced features, API’s and of course advertisements. With an estimated 20+ million users on Google+ that exclude business entities, Google has surely created a robust demographic profile to further an Awords offering on Google+. The queston is, will Google+ require businesses to pay to participate, or let them engage for free?

Google Begins to Invite Business and Brands to Google+

Those who have requested to be part of the Google+ network for business await their invitations to enter the Google Plus platform “legally”. Roll out of Google+ for Business is clearly a completely separate proposition for Google, prompting them to assert total control of the launch of the service.
Google has made no effort to conceal its desire to become an integral part of every business with enterprise level tools where they begin to charge for services. Might Google+ become a revenue-generating proposition?I know, I’m thinking like a cynic.
So, tell me what YOU think!
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