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Election Day 2012 – Google, Foursquare and Your Vote!

The Role of Social Media and Search on 2012 Presidential Election Day

Amidst what many have called one of the most important Presidential Elections in United States history, Google and Foursquare are doing their part to get out the vote.

Google Doodle Election Day 2012

Google Doodle helps to get out the vote!

No Excuses!
Don’t know where to cast your vote? The home page features a search function to help you find your local voting location and hours.

Casting your vote offers its own reward, but Foursquare is also doing its part to promoting the vote to the social media landscape throughout the United States.

Foursquare Polling Place Check-insFoursquare I Voted Badge for Election 2012

Foursquare has historically awarded those who vote when they check into their polling place, with a special “I Voted” badge.

The 2012 Election will be no exception. The 2012 Election badge is available to all who check into their local voting location.

So, be sure to check-in after you’ve cast your vote!

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