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  1. David S
    December 4, 2009 at 1:41 PM — Reply

    I think the reason why Social Media is not being used to it’s full benefit in Marketing, and to continue with your “Websites in the Early Internet Days” analogy, the answer is quite simple.

    We can all agree that websites/blogs are now designed/developed within “web 2.0” standards. Not all, but that is another topic altogether. The problem in social media marketing is there is no way to truly capture analytic in Social Media (at this current time).

    Think about it, with all these Adobe AIR RIA’s (Tweetdeck) being used to manage/send out these “conversations” on-line, there is no way to capture any true analytical data used for enterprise marketing.

    The Big Guns in Marketing know this little secret, and a solution to this problem will developed in the near future. Adobe has their fingers in all aspects of Social Media content, you-tube (Uses Flash video player) RIA – Twitter and Facebook Clients (Uses FLEX) mobile devices (Uses Flash Player 10.1) and the list goes on. Adobe knows there is a huge need for True Enterprise analytics in Social Media, this is the reason the plopped down $1.8 BILLION for the Omniture Takeover

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