July 5, 2011 10:44 am

Rebecca Murtagh

Google Disables Real-Time Search Results, Including Twitter Updates Amidst Launch of Google Plus – a/k/a Google+

Google Real-Time Updates Disabled “Temporarily”

You may be surprised to learn this morning that Google has disabled Google Real-Time updates as it works to figure out how to replace “Real Time” search results with Google+ (Google Plus) updates…which have yet to become available to the masses using Twitter.

Something is missing…in the left column, note the absence of “Real Time”…

Google suspends Real Time Search "Temporarily"

In its quest to be in the middle of every digital interaction from search, to shopping, phone calls, business documents, email and news, Google has now positioned itself to become the primary destination AND SOURCE for social media updates. This is unwelcome news for companies leveraging SMO (Social Media Optimization) to elevate their company’s brand, visibility and interaction through search engine results.

Google Licensing of Twitter Updates Ends

If you’ve been following the relationship between search and social media, you know that Google has been licensing and archiving tweets, elevating visibility and searchability of updates or tweets on Twitter to Google real-time results.

Disabling Real-Time Search Creates A Void

Since Google+ is still limiting enrollment since announcing its phased roll-out that began last week…this creates a void, and directly impacts the visibilty of updates via Google search…the only game in town for displaying real-time updates…until now. There appears to be no definitive source to search and view social media updates in real time…a step back in time to many who use real-time search to see what is trending and who is talking about it.

Google Still Cares About Social Media Influence

Regardless of where you post, the activity of a brand in social circles has become part of Google, Yahoo and Bing search algorithms, but where this latest development takes us, remains to be seen.

I personally would love to see Google display all social media updates across as many social media platforms as feasible to better serve the masses.  Especially since Google+ is not even accessible to the masses using social media. This creates a tremendous void.

What do you think of this recent development in real-time search?

Are we moving forward, or backward in time?
Are you as likely to use Google + the way you use Twitter and real-time search?

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Rebecca Murtagh: Human First Futurist, CEO & Founder of Human AI Institute, winner of the Inc. Magazine Power Partner Award.

Rebecca leverages decades of experience working with Fortune 500, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Mains Street, global brands and startup entrepreneurs to help executives, their teams, and entrepreneurs leverage their genius through Human AI to improve productivity, collaboration, creativity and job satisfaction for optimum performance and long-term success.

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