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Google Instant Preview – How SEO and Search Just Changed

Google Launches Instant Preview

Search Just Became More Visual with Google Instant Preview.

What is Google Instant Preview, How does it Change Search and What Will it Mean to SEO?

Google now provides the option of previewing the website page before the click. After opting to view Google Instant Preview, search engine results display a small magnifying glass to the right of the title. When clicked, Google provides a visual preview of the page displayed in organic search engine results.

Google Search results for “google instant preview”:

google search result for "google instant preview"

Google Instant Preview Search results for “google instant preview”:

Search result with Google Instant Preview

Google Instant Preview of a Search Result:

Search result website view with Google Instant Preview

How Google Instant Preview Could Change SEO and Organic Search

The Google Search algorithm has always weighed data and of course how often your website is clicked upon from organic results on will certainly increase your relevance and qualification as a valid result for specific keywords and phrases.

The introduction of Google Instant Preview now empowers the user to view the site and make a pre-determination before they click.

Who will benefit from Google Instant Preview?

Websites that understand how to competitively position themselves, pre-qualify the click (using meta data and content) and present a compelling user experience that entices the user will win the clicks, and ultimately conversion.

Who could lose with Google Instant Preview?

Websites built in Flash don’t appear to fare well today, with the initial roll out of Google Instant Preview. it remains to be seen whether this could be a permanent downside for websites built in Flash.
After reviewing a few of the websites featured on:  Top 10 Best Flash Websites, it appears that Google Instant Preview may not be as friendly to Flash-only websites as the screen shots below demonstrate:

Google Instant Preview and Flash Websites:

Google Instant Preview doesn't display Flash, yet.


Flash websites may not do as well on Google Instant Preview


So, is your website ready for Google Instant Preview?

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