Google Plus Becomes More Brand Friendly With Custom URLs

By Rebecca Murtagh | Brand Marketing

Aug 14

Google Plus UpdateGoogle+ Rolls Out Branded URLs

Monday, August 10, 2012 Google Plus Posted a #googleplusupdate outlining how long numeric Google Plus profiles will be replaced by branded URLs.

So, instead of the Google Plus Profile URL is now: .
Note the + in the URL.

Google Custom URLs Are Good News For Brands

This is great news for brands. It will be far easier to guess branded URLs rather than relying on search and brands that are active on the social platform.

One can also assume that these branded URLs will enable profiles and pages related to brands to appear in search engine results.

Google has begun rolling out the ability to customize URLs to a limited circle of verified profiles and pages. The post cautions that although they are not quite ready for everyone to start claiming their own custom URLs on Google Plus, but do plan to expand availability over time.

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