November 9, 2011 10:45 am

Rebecca Murtagh

[INFOGRAPHIC] Ten Steps to Optimizing Your Brand for Social Media and Search

The relationship between social media and search is here to stay.
Are you ready to initiate a proactive social media and search engine optimization strategy to reach your best customers?

This Infographic offers a Ten Step path to get you going.

Ten Steps to Leveraging Social Media and Search for your Brand

1. THINK – Develop proactive strategy to leverage social media and search to achieve goals.

2. BRAND – Create and Optimize your brand’s social media profiles and updates)

3. FOCUS – Don’t bite off more than you can chew, take a phased approach.

4. TARGET – Seek and engage individuals to begin building qualified audiences.

5. IGNORE – # of followers, likes, friends, klout. Instead, focus on quality and relevance to your goals.

6. ENGAGE – Interact in group and 1-to-1 conversation, keep it real.

7. PLAN – Create a Content Calendar for Search Engine Optimized Owned Content on website and social assets.

8. DEPLOY – Schedule Integrated Owned and Paid Content efforts to improve relevance & visibility.

9. MEASURE – Review and adapt your strategy to improve performance, conversion & ROI.

10. REPEAT! – Lather Rinse and Repeat. (You know what to do! : )

About the Author

Rebecca Murtagh: Human First Futurist, CEO & Founder of Human AI Institute, winner of the Inc. Magazine Power Partner Award.

Rebecca leverages decades of experience working with Fortune 500, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Mains Street, global brands and startup entrepreneurs to help executives, their teams, and entrepreneurs leverage their genius through Human AI to improve productivity, collaboration, creativity and job satisfaction for optimum performance and long-term success.

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