The Latest in the Convergence of Social Media and Search

By Rebecca Murtagh | Social Media & Search

Feb 14

Excerpts From Convergence of Social Media and Search Presentation – PubCon Paradise 2012

I am talking about the continual convergence of Social Media and Search at PubCon Paradise in Waikiki Hawaii.

I would be happy to make the presentation available to anyone who +1’s this page, post on my Google+ page, or contact me via Twitter or email.

Below are links to some of the references made during the presentation.

How “Google Plus Your World” Works in Search – by Google

Google’s Intel Inside is Data, Not Search -my  2008 Blog Post

My Thought-provoking Google+ Post on Google’s Shift From Word Based Index to Knowledge Base

Link to Amit Singhal’s Website


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Rebecca Murtagh is a Human AI Evangelist, Author of CROWD SUCCESS® and a human performance coach. Rebecca leverages decades of experience working with Fortune 500, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Mains Street companies and startup entrepreneurs to help virtual companies, remote talent and hybrid teams leverage Human AI to continually operate from a place of genius, innovate faster and find greater fulfillment in their work and life in a world of intelligent machines.