Transparency is Vital in Social Media, Journalism & Blogging

By Rebecca Murtagh | SMM - Social Media Marketing

Dec 14

Why is Transparency So Important to Social Media, Journalism & Blogging ?

If the Internet forever changed how much data could be found on people, places and things in milliseconds, Social Media has revealed the tangled webs we weave on the net.

News no longer evolves over hours or days, it happens in real-time and are largely accessible to anyone, anytime, almost anywhere in the world and likely “reported” by multiple sources…bloggers, news broadcasts, social media, news media portals, and the average “Joe” on the street.

Don Lemon of CNN talks with Rebecca Murtagh about what transparency is, and why it is is so important. – Blog World New Media Expo in Las Vegas 2009.

“The social media world is pushing transparency…and we all have to be on board” – Don Lemon, CNN

3 Things to remember when it comes to Broadcasting via Social Media, Media or Blogging:

  1. What you post online is accessible in real time. In December 2009, Google announced real-time indexing of blogs, social media (Twitter to begin with, Linkedin and Facebook to follow at a later date) and other newly posted web content…meaning once you put it out there…it’s out there!
  2. Anything you post can be viewed from anywhere in the world. So many people forget that the Internet is the “world-wide-web”…meaning your posts are accessible to anyone in the world with access to the Internet and a good search engine (especially Google).
  3. Once it’s out there, there’s no taking it back. Before you post, remember whatever you post will follow you, forever. So, think before you post, check your facts, be kind – or at very least, be prepared for the consequences for anything you may broadcast.

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  • Ed says:

    I think transparency is part of honesty. Our experiences of people often are that those who hide things, are being dishonest (not necessarily, of course, and we can be unfair to others regarding this – but often, yes).

    Transparency is, also, part of opening up and being human. Being human is, obviously, important in social media. Being opening up and being human leads to social media “conversations”.

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