What is a TweetUp? How to Find a Tweetup

By Rebecca Murtagh | SMM - Social Media Marketing

Nov 17

If you’ve even glanced at Twitter, or know someone who Tweets, chances are good that you’ve heard of a Tweetup.

Until you’ve actually attended one, you may wonder…

What is a Tweetup and why are they so popular?

What is a Tweetup?” Explained by Emma Kahn

How do you find a Tweetup?

You may be looking for a Tweetup near your home town or city, or check one out while on vacation (I’ve done both and HIGHLY recommend Tweetups as a great way to meet new people and connect with Twitter friends!)

1. Use Twitter search to find a tweetup using the city name and the word Tweetup (all one word), for example: #AlbanyTweetup #NYCTweetup #NYTweetup , etc.

2. Search for Tweetups by city, using a third party website like Twtvite.com Tweetvite.com, Tweetup.Meetup.com or Twubs.com .

3. Use Tweetups to expand your social network…which will naturally expand your business network.

So, find a Tweetup and get out there, you never know who you’re going to meet!

In social situations birds of a feather flock together. In task situations opposites attract. – Tony Alessandra

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