A Gift From Google: Achieve Page 1 Visibility on Google Search With Google Profile

By Rebecca Murtagh | SMO - Social Media Optimization

Feb 11

This post will be the 1st of several about Google Search, Google Social Search, Google Buzz, and Google Profiles.

Google Profiles Were Created For the Social Web

In the video below, Matt Cutts states that, in his mind, Google Profiles will have the biggest influence on Google Social Search.

What is a Google Profile?

Google has made it possible for you to create a personal profile web page, available for the world to see, that will include as much, or as little as you want the world to know about you.

Google Profile for Virtual Marketer

Google Profile for Virtual Marketer

Google Profiles are likely to become more relevant than ever with the introduction of Google Buzz this week.

Much like a personal business card, Your Google Profile provides you an opportunity to control what peopl find when they search for your name on Google. You can include basic information, the who, what, when, where and why you exist, for all the world to see, or manage content visibl to groups you create such as business, friends and family. In May 2009, Google announced that Google Profile results wll appear at the bottom of U.S. name based keyword search queries. (this typically means #10 at the bottom of page 1 Google).

5 Reasons Why You Need A Google Profile:

  1. Your Google Profile helps people find you on page 1 of Google, even if you don’t have a website.
  2. Your Google Profile will enhance social media visibility and connections.
  3. You have complete control over what you include, or choose not to include.
  4. Your Google Profile is an essential component to participating in Google Social Search.
  5. Google Profiles offers a launching point for business, geographic, photos, personal data and interests that connect you to “birds of a feather” from your past and current life.

View my Virtual Marketer Google Profile, or create your own Google Profile.

Do you have a Google Profile? Are you more likely to create a Google Profile?
Let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Thanks for this great tip, Rebecca. I’ve gone ahead and set up my google profile! – Jodi Salisbury

  • Kim Dudra says:

    Thank you Rebecca! I had seen Google Profile before but glossed over it, not certain of its benefits. I’ll definitely be creating a profile for my business and brand.

  • i have tried social media marketing for getting our new products to be known on the market. it seems to work well specially if the audience is targeted :

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    the concept of mobile marketing is not new, it is just the same as internet marketing*”,

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