Mobile Marketing Genius – Make That a Guinness!

Guinness Beer QR Code Mobile Campaign Demonstrates Creativity and Marketing GeniusQR Code Appears when Guinness Beer is poured into glass

QR Code magically appears when Guinness beer is poured into specially printed glasses. The technology itself is cool, but so is the marketing strategy behind the wow factor.

Guinness QR Code Connects Mobile and Social Media

Instantly update your Twitter status about your choice to enjoy a Guinness beer; update your Facebook status; check into Foursquare; download coupons and promotions; receive exclusive Guinness content, and perhaps more importantly, invite your friends to join you for a pint!

Good Mobile Campaigns Call for Creativity

We’ve been inundated with QR codes everywhere. They’ve become a bit boring and predictable, so this mobile marketing campaign is refreshing and has people talking in many circles…those who love technology, beer, mobile interaction, advertising, social media, marketing, design and of course Guinness fans!

Kudos to the creative minds behind this campaign, and congratulations to the company that created the technology.

What About the Company That Created the Technology Behind the QR Code?

Unfortunately, it appears their marketing department has failed them. Despite all the buzz, it is next to impossible to find the name of the company that created the technology. I seem to recall one of the companies on Shark Tank pitching such technology. However, I have yet to find a press release or reference to the technology itself, or the creator. Perhaps this was by design. Even so, unless Guinness is the only brand they want as a client, they very well may have missed their 15 minutes of fame, and tremendous brand exposure.

So, what do you think?
Does this QR campaign get you thinking about how you might be able to use mobile to promote your brand?

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