Steve Malzberg Invites Rebecca Murtagh to TNT Radio to Discuss Warnings About AI and the Future of Humanity

Futurist Rebecca Murtagh on Steve Malzberg TNT Radio Show talking about future of AI and humans

AI Experts have stated artificial intelligence will become so super-intelligent it could disrupt or eradicate the human race, warning AI poses risks similar a pandemic or nuclear war event. Citing Geoffrey Hinton stating this is not science fiction and that AI is evolving so rapidly it could become smarter than humans in 5 years.

Could AI create bio weapons or be used by bad actors to make life systems vulnerable to attack?
If this is the possibility, should we panic?

Steve Malzberg invites Rebecca Murtagh to his TNT live radio show to discuss the latest warnings about recent rapid developments in AI since speaking to Wayne Lonstein of VFT Solutions, to allay his fears.

How do we calm down a worried public? Is it possible to allay the public’s fears of AI as some of the biggest names in tech (Elon Musk, Geoffrey Hinton, Sam Altman) warn about AI and the future of humanity?

Can Rebecca Murtagh ease Steve Malzberg’s fears about AI and the future of humanity?

Tune in as Steve and Rebecca explore some of the biggest questions people have after hearing warnings about artificial intelligence in the news and from technology experts…

– Is AI Thinking?

– Do the Benefits of AI Outweigh the Risks?

– What AI-related topic keeps Rebecca up at night?

– Are We Likely to See Meaningful AI Regulation in the U.S.?

– Would Regulation Protect Humanity from the Risks AI Experts Warn Of?

– What role might trans-humanism play in the integration of AI in society by 2030?

Tune in to hear Rebecca Murtagh share with Steve Malzberg and his audience some of her knowledge based on many years of research and a futurist perspective to respond to the alarming headlines about artificial general intelligence AGI and Steve’s concern.

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