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Jan 05

Google’s Commitment to Mobile Expands With Nexus One Droid Phone and Click to Call Ads

By Rebecca Murtagh | Integrated Marketing , NY Digital Topics , SEM - Search Engine Marketing

With Mobile internet browsing growing each and every day, and Google’s dominance in websites visited using moble browsers, it makes perfect sense that mobile advertising and marketing will follow. Google is blazing the trail in leveraging the mobile platform as an advertising and revenue source.

“…the mobile web is still in its eary stages” – Google

eMarketer predicts that spending on mobile advertising will continue to increase over coming years, reaching an estimated $1.56 billion by 2013.

Of the the nearly $24 billion to be spent for online advertising in 2009, mobile ad spending was expected to reach $416 million in 2009. Compare this to the  $51 billion on TV adsvertisements and $38 billion for newspaper ads.

Mobile Advertising Spending

Mobile Advertising Spending


It may be early in the game, but Google is making a major commitment to the mobile space.

Google Leading The Trail to Mobile

Google announced to Adwords advertisers that , beginning this month, (January 2010) that  “Click to Call” to Adwords PPC Advertisements will appear on high-end mobile devices such as smartphones, iPhones, and of course the much-anticipated Google “Nexus One” droid phones…as unveiled today.

For the mobile advertiser:
“Click to Call” indicates yet another method for conversion for PPC ads, as the click on the phone number within the mobile ad directly places the call directly on the phone.

For the mobile device user:
“Click to Call” offers ease of access to the advertiser.

View the types of Mobile Advertising Google is targeting with the acquisiton of AdMob’s mobile display ad technology.

2 more things I’d like to mention:

  • As an advocate of natural, organic search engine optimization, is with Google Search as the #1 website accessed over websites in 2009 (Jan-Sept 2009 as reported by Nielsen) and the preference of users to organic listings to paid, being search engine optimized AND mobile-friendly will continue to pay off.


  • Click to Call has been launched by Google before. In fact, “Click to Call” feature dates back to 2005.  However, Google’s acquisition of AdMob  demontrates a serious commitment to the mobile web, indicating great expectations for mobile advertising (and revenue) in the future.
Nov 22

@VirtualMarketer Offers Free Twitter Seminar & Webinar Simulcast

By Rebecca Murtagh | NY Digital Topics

“Demystifying Twitter”

Simultaneous FREE live Seminar and Virtual Webinar.
4:00PM – 4:45PM EST
Friday, Dec 11, 2009

Are you new to Twitter?
Have you created a Twitter account, but still not sure what to do next?

Join me, Rebecca Murtagh a/k/a @VirtualMarketer on Twitter for a Twitter Seminar / Webinar. This session offers a great introduction to Twitter but also helps those on Twitter better understand their audiences and what potential this Social Media platform offers.

This free seminar / webinar covers Twitter basics, Twitter demographics, Social Media Marketing best practices and how they relate to how you promote your business, organization or yourself on Twitter!

Twitter Topics:

  • Who is on Twitter (you may be surprised!)
  • Where Twitter is being used and why it matters.
  • Why Twitter is more than a Fad.
  • How Twitter is generating millions in sales and revenue for businesses.
  • What do think about when you get on Twitter.
  • When do you know you’re ready to Tweet?
  • Q&A

4:00PM – 4:45PM EST
Friday, Dec 11, 2009
Albany NY
Details & RSVP:

To be immediately followed by an Albany Tweetup!

Attend from anywhere!
4:00PM – 4:45PM EST
Friday, Dec 11, 2009
Registration required for webinar link and call details: