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Jul 31

Larger iPhone 5, Smaller iPad, Why Not a Hybrid Smarter Tablet?

By Rebecca Murtagh | Mobile

iPhone Getting Larger, iPad Getting Smaller – Why Not Merge Into One Smart Hybrid Mobile Device?

Apple is expected to finally release the much-anticipated iPhone 5 on September 12, 2012.

At the same time, ZDnet has shared that rumors are swirling that Apple will also release a smaller iPad called iPad Mini.

Why not combine the two?
A hybrid mobile device wouldn’t have to be an Apple iOS device to be a winner. Google has good saturation with the Android platform and the new Nexus 7 Tablet with the help of ASUS. Device makers have demonstrated their ability to make smaller tablets. ASUS Padfone was revealed at Mobile World Congress early 2012 running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which is essentially a 3-piece hardware combo, which is definitely an impressive combo approach that validates the logic of making mobile computing and smartphone capability more integrated. We have yet to see an all-in-one device on the marketplace.

View ASUS Padfone – All in one smartphone tablet video:

Is the line between smartphones, carriers and mobile computing too difficult to cross?

Consumers continue to embrace the tablet at astounding speed. Mobile device usage is skyrocketing. Cisco’s recent Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update projects mobile devices surpassing desktop access to internet data in 2012.

Tablets get smaller as Phones Get Bigger

Tablets came into the market with 10 inch screens, but have continued to get smaller to compete against the popular Kindle Fire.

A 7 inch tablet may be a little large to be holding up to one’s ear. However, adding smartphone functionality, video, voice and headset compatibility to any one of these devices could surely give a 4 inch smartphone a run for the money.

Where is the 7 Inch Tablet/SmartPhone Hybrid Device?

There are a multitude of 7 inch tablets on the marketplace. Google Nexus, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and now possibly an iPad Mini. Add to this A-list the countless tablet devices being sold by the mobile carrier and computing companies and it seems almost crazy someone has not created the combo device yet.

Make the Tablet Smarter

Why isn’t one super-device integrating tablet and smartphone functionality? They appear to be so close that this upcoming Apple release almost seems contradictory in terms, don’t you think?

So, why wouldn’t Apple, or someone, integrate the technology to merge the best of the two to create the ultimate mobile device. No doubt that’s where we are heading.

A combo device seems like a home run to me. The technology is there. The form factor combining the features has yet to be launched.

Are Mobile Carriers The Barrier to Creating a Hybrid Phone Tablet Combo Device?

I suspect the absence of a smartphone-tablet combo device has more to do with the connection between mobile carriers and their devices, used to lock in customers than it does with device makers being slow to identify this opportunity.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could purchase the device independently, then choose the mobile service provider that best met your needs? You can outside the U.S.

What am I missing?
Would you buy/use a smartphone/tablet combo device?

Jul 23

More Mobile Devices than Toothbrushes OR People on Earth

By Editor | Mobile

Mobile Devices Outnumber Toothbrushes and Now HumansNow More mobile devices than toothbrushes or humans!

More Mobile Phones Than Toothbrushes

Yup, its true. In Fall of 2011 of the 6.8 billion people on planet earth, 5.1 billion owned a cell phone, but only 4.2 billion own a toothbrush.*

Now that’s dirty talk!

Number of Mobile Devices Will Exceed World Population in 2012

In Summer 2012, the Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update by Cisco projected that the number of internet-connected mobile devices will exceed the world’s population this year. Think about that for a moment. That doesn’t mean every human on the planet has a mobile device. Rather, it means that those with mobile devices will likely have more than one. In fact, Cisco projects that 25% of mobile device users will have more than one device by 2016.

Smartphones, Tablets, Gaming Consoles and Laptops (interestingly) are among the devices that will out-populate humans on the planet earth.

More interesting Mobile Data:

More tidbits from Cisco’s report on Global Mobile Data Usage:

  • Mobile data usage in 2011 was 8x the size of the entire Internet worldwide in 2000.
  • Smartphones will exceed 50 percent of mobile data traffic in 2014.
  • Mobile network connection speeds will increase 9-fold by 2016.
  • Android data use is higher than iPhone use.
  • Video traffic via Mobile device exceeded 50 % (over non-mobile devices) for the first time in 2011.
  • By 2016, tablets will generate almost as much Mobile traffic as the entire global mobile network will in 2012.

Kinda makes you think doesn’t it?

Now is probably a good time to devise your digital marketing strategy on how you will meet and serve your audiences on Mobile.


* Mobile Marketing Association Asia

Jun 22

Mobile Marketing Genius – Make That a Guinness!

By Rebecca Murtagh | Mobile

Guinness Beer QR Code Mobile Campaign Demonstrates Creativity and Marketing GeniusQR Code Appears when Guinness Beer is poured into glass

QR Code magically appears when Guinness beer is poured into specially printed glasses. The technology itself is cool, but so is the marketing strategy behind the wow factor.

Guinness QR Code Connects Mobile and Social Media

Instantly update your Twitter status about your choice to enjoy a Guinness beer; update your Facebook status; check into Foursquare; download coupons and promotions; receive exclusive Guinness content, and perhaps more importantly, invite your friends to join you for a pint!

Good Mobile Campaigns Call for Creativity

We’ve been inundated with QR codes everywhere. They’ve become a bit boring and predictable, so this mobile marketing campaign is refreshing and has people talking in many circles…those who love technology, beer, mobile interaction, advertising, social media, marketing, design and of course Guinness fans!

Kudos to the creative minds behind this campaign, and congratulations to the company that created the technology.

What About the Company That Created the Technology Behind the QR Code?

Unfortunately, it appears their marketing department has failed them. Despite all the buzz, it is next to impossible to find the name of the company that created the technology. I seem to recall one of the companies on Shark Tank pitching such technology. However, I have yet to find a press release or reference to the technology itself, or the creator. Perhaps this was by design. Even so, unless Guinness is the only brand they want as a client, they very well may have missed their 15 minutes of fame, and tremendous brand exposure.

So, what do you think?
Does this QR campaign get you thinking about how you might be able to use mobile to promote your brand?

Oct 05

Worldwide and Market Response to Apple 4S Launch in Lieu of iPhone 5

By Rebecca Murtagh | Mobile

Could iPhone 5 Product Launch That Wasn’t Become A Crack in the Armor of the Apple Brand?

Yesterday the world shifted their attention to what was expected to be the launch of the latest Apple mobile device, the iPhone 5. Media, blogs, consumers and investors were all abuzz in the weeks and days prior to the much-anticipated release, elevating anticipation, and expectations.

What Made Apple’s iPhone 4S Launch Such a Disappointment?

Several aspects of this product launch contributed to what was perceived by consumers, media and investors alike, as a great big let-down.
The iPhone 5 Launch that wasn’t…
  • Was the first product launch after departure of beloved CEO Steve Jobs
  • The world expected the iPhone 5 and Apple did little to manage expectations.
  • Steve Jobs, former CEO always introduced product. Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook exited the stage, leaving the product launch to Worldwide Marketing executive. (can you blame him?)
  • The iPhone 4s new offering was underwhelming to say the least.

The iPhone Product Launch (Not) Heard Around The World

Overseas, the Apple iPhone 4s launch is viewed as a “stumble” perceived to open doors to mobile device rivals.
“Apple no longer has a leading edge; its cloud service is even behind Android; it can only sell on brand loyalty now,” claimed C.K. Lu, a Gartner analyst in Taipei.
On Wednesday, the Market responded to the Apple announcement with a dip in Apple stock, which nearly recovered, and gains for Phone rivals Samsung, HTC and Nokia.

The Impact on the Apple Brand

Yesterday’s perceived “bait and switch” launch of the iPhone 4s in lieu of the much anticipated iPhone 5 has impacted Apple’ worldwide brand god will and equity.Will this be a temporary set-back for Apple?
Or, will the Apple brand adapt, respond and recover?
Jan 19

Mobile Marketing and Mobile-Friendly Websites Are A Must As Mobile Smartphone Adoption Grows

By Rebecca Murtagh | Mobile

Over a year ago my marketing firm began advocating the importance of mobile-friendly websites to our clients. Most embraced the emerging marketplace, recognizing the power of meeting customers where they are. Others outweighed losing visibility to 1% of their website traffic (even if that 1% meant thousands of visitors) to keep the splashy flash website design their advertising agency had proposed …which would be neither search engine, or mobile friendly.

January 2010: eMarketer reports that 42% of Americans now have smartphones.

Your customers are using mobile devices.
So, shouldn’t you consider mobile marketing part of the marketing mix?

It is very likely that you are using your own mobile device such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other smartphone to access the web, socialize and to shop. So, why wouldn’t you expect your customers to do the same?

Initially, industries most likely to benefit from being mobile-friendly in their website were retail, travel, tourism, food, and of course social media sites….but now any type of business with a target market can leverage the mobile marketplace.

Google Search is currently the #1 site viewed from mobile devices. – Comscore

There are 3 ways to reach mobile customers:

  1. Mobile-friendly website. Make your www. site friendly to mobile browsers, visible to search engines, and most importantly, ready for clicks to conversion! This approach typically costs the least to offer when considered during the website planning, design and development stages.
  2. Mobile version of your website. The mobile version is presented when a mobile browser is detected when your website is called up. This approach requires additional work, but can be cost-effective if planned to be developed in harmony with your www website.
  3. Mobile application. This is more than just pushing a website out there. You have to solve a problem, add value or offer entertainment for your mobile app to be attractive, reviewed well and offer the ROI you’d expect from the investment.

Until recently, the iPhone operating system and browser dominated mobile web access scene. Consequently, the mobile application market is growing exponentially, first through iPhone, now through Android and other mobile platforms.

As the Google Android phone platform has become a formidable oponent, quickly gaining market share, and overall smartphone adoption cotinues to increase, having a website that is visible, clickable and actionable is vital to EVERY business.

Mobile Marketing Daily reports 2009 as the first holiday season that mobile marketing became a targeted aspect for the integrated marketing mix.

As mobile users clicked on banner-ads, received SMS messages, and accessed their mobile phone for search, research, shopping and buying, early adopters of mobile marketing campaigns are reaping the benefits, as demonstrated by the succes in mobile marketing case studies.

If you are not ready to leverage the mobile marketing platform, you want your online presence to be mobile friendly, at very least.

– Rebecca Murtagh

TIP: Google Analytics offers data that will tell you how much of your website traffic is coming from which mobile browsers and operating systems.

Not sure how to extract or interpret mobile, search, advertising or use data for your website?
I invite you to enroll in Google Analytics Training & Coaching.

Happy Marketing!