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Apr 09

Fear is a Four-Letter Word

By Rebecca Murtagh | The Genius WIthin

Fear: The Most Powerful 4-Letter Word of All Time Have you ever noticed? Some things must end badly, otherwise, they would never end. Right now you are probably thinking of something that ended badly in your life. A job, relationship, project, investment, or something else that required you to make a choice. Why is it, […]

Feb 11

Why Every Brand Must Be a Publisher

By Rebecca Murtagh | Brand Marketing

5 Reasons Why Every Brand Must Publish Regardless of exit strategy, every businesses and brands is seeking sustainability. In a quest to win market share, many businesses prematurely invest in SEO, social media, content marketing and advertising, when leveraging these investments for optimum results and ROI, requires they first become a publisher. I have been […]

Sep 17

The Website is NOT a Project

By Rebecca Murtagh | Rebecca's Thoughts on . . .

The Website Is Not a Project In my latest Search Engine Watch Article I present my case for updating the definition of the website. For years, countless websites have been lost in the gauntlet of what I call ‘project-dom”. Myopic focus on elements of the website process (design, SEO, content, programming, etc.) has distracted businesses […]

Aug 05

Could Google+ for Business and Brands Be a Revenue Play?

By Rebecca Murtagh | Social Media & Search

Might Google+ Require Business and Brands Pay to Play? Could Google’s Tight Control of Businesses on Google+ reveal intent to roll out a “Pay to Play” Revenue model? Google has so tightly managed the release of its Google+ Social Network that it has proactively deleted profiles created with handles, brand or business names during it’s controlled roll out to the public. […]

Jun 02

Google +1 Further Integrates Search and Social Media

By Rebecca Murtagh | SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Google +1 Social Recommendation Tool Further Changes Organic Search, SEM and Social Media Landscape Although presented as a “Google Experiment” Google +1, appears to be designed to rival the Facebook “Like Button”. Google clearly means business as it has partnered with Bloomberg, Reuters, Huffington Post, Mashable,Washington Post, TechCrunch and large retailers Best Buy and Nordstrom to roll […]

Nov 29

Tips: How to Reduce Impact of Cyber Monday & Holiday Shopping on Your Business

By Rebecca Murtagh | Retail & Internet Shopping

Cyber Monday & Holiday Shopping Has Business Owners Cringing as Employees Shop and Productivity & Profit Suffers Black Friday has come and gone, and for those who have not yet gotten their fill of shopping and great deals, CyberMonday is when retailers make “internet only” deals available…distracting workers and making employers cringe. According to the National Retail Foundation […]