Rebecca Murtagh Makes Guest Appearance to discuss Generative AI, Chatbots, and the future of human thought, innovation, and work with AI on ‘The Inquisitor’ Podcast with Marcus Cauchi

Tune in for a lively conversation as Rebecca Murtagh appears as a guest on ‘The Inquisitor’ podcast to discuss the benefits and pitfalls of trusting generative AI for business, the role of critical thinking, strategies for innovation leadership, and what every humans needs to do now to compete and win as artificial intelligence infiltrates every aspect of business and life.

Rebecca and podcast host Marcus Cauchi cover AI ethics, leadership, opportunities created by disruption in emerging markets, cognitive diversity, and many more topics (too many to list).

This podcast is a must-listen!

A No Holds Barred, Honest Discussion About Generative AI

Rebecca Murtagh brings a futurist’s perspective complimented by years of experience studying data from machine learning outputs to spark conversation around perception and reality of how useful Generative AI and AI tools are right now.

Will You Be Replaced by AI, or Can Generative AI Make You More Competitive Than Ever?

Listen in to the podcast as Rebecca and Marcus debate and discuss:

  • The most common mistakes being made amidst the hype and excitement around chatbots.
  • The two things are required to make AI truly smart.
  • Risks and pitfalls of trusting generative artificial intelligence.
  • The role of “Long Tail Search” in using generative AI and chat bots.
  • Where most experts believe about where AI is heading.
  • The role AI can and should play in innovation.
  • Things that AI are doing now that give humans good reason to want regulation.
  • The truth about how AI replacing AI jobs, careers, and impact industries.
  • Why you should not be afraid of AI.
  • The power of having data scientists (and you’ll be surprised who they are!)
  • The tipping point humans are facing right now.
  • The opportunity AI is creating for future-focused humans seeking a competitive advantage.
  • The role leadership must play in creating competitive organizations of the future.

This fast-paced conversation will delve into the hottest topics of the day and to ChatGPT, generative AI, disruption, and what the future looks like.

And hear Rebecca’s thoughtful and passionate answer to Marcus’ question asking what one bit of advice she would give her younger self – and young people today.