Digital First Magazine features “Human First” opinion piece by Rebecca Murtagh

The March 2023 Digital First Magazine issue featured “Digital First to Human First” written by Rebecca Murtagh.

The topic was not what she and the editorial staff agreed she would write about. While writing a piece on an agreed topic, Rebecca really wanted to write about the need for a “human first” approach in an increasingly digital economy. She knew it was a long-shot. After all, the publication is called “Digital First”. Rebecca completed the piece and submitted it along with the offer to complete and submit the article on the original topic. Within hours of receiving the article, Digital First Magazine published the article as an “opinion” piece found that can be found here:

Rebecca Murtagh Human First opinion piece featured by Digital FIrst Magazine

Rebecca’s Extensive Experience in the Digital Realm Makes Her Highly Qualified to Address the importance of a ” Digital First to Human First” approach to business and life.

Over 25 years of real-world experience working in technology, ebusiness, digital transformation, web development and automation working across Fortune 500, Silicon Valley and New York City, and Main Street in numerous industries have contributed to Rebecca’s ability to imagine what the future will look like.

To read the entire piece, visit Digital First Magazine:

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