THE FUTURE IS STILL HUMAN – a live, in-person event addressing the most pressing issues of our time around humans and AI.

Rebecca Murtagh to Deliver Keynote at ‘THE FUTURE IS STILL HUMAN’ June 7th 2023 at Proctors Theatre in Historic Schenectady, NY

Rebecca Murtagh, Futurist, CEO and Founder of the Human AI Institute will welcome attendees and deliver the final keynote presentation at THE FUTURE IS STILL HUMAN at Proctors GE Theater in Schenectady, New York.

Proctors GE Theater is near the location Thomas Edison launched his company which later became General Electric Company (GE) – and the Union College technology incubator from which Rebecca once operated her award-winning digital consultancy Karner Blue Marketing.

A Timely Keynote Addressing a Timely Topic

It seems every day some AI expert or tech leader is warning about how artificial intelligence may become smarter than humans and threaten humanity with an “extinction event” comparable to the nuclear bomb. These warnings are enough to immobilize anyone.

Rebecca Murtagh : Futurist, Human AI Institute CEO and Founder

The Future of Work, Business, and Life with AI

Rebecca has been studying machine learning, algorithms, and artificial intelligence since 2001. Rebecca’s commitment to research and data over the years earned her the designation as one of Google Analytics top “Women in Analytics” in the world. In 2013 Rebecca began studying the advancements of artificial intelligence, the advancement and possibility of “the singularity”, and how AI that became smarter than humans would change how people live and work now and for generations to come.

Disrupt or Be Disrupted

Just a Rebecca has done in her own career and business endeavors, Rebecca’s keynote presentation will inform and inspire people to turn the disruption of AI into opportunity. She will dispel myths about AI, and present a perspective attendees can apply to “future-proof” their own career, business, and life.

This event is designed to inform and inspire leaders, professionals, parents, seniors, and community leaders to claim their future by embracing their humanity.

Rebecca will be joined on stage by local leaders and global experts invested in helping others navigate the nuances artificial intelligence are bringing to every aspect of the human experience.

For event and ticket information, visit THE FUTURE IS STILL HUMAN event page where you can also subscribe to receive email notifications for similar in-person and virtual events in the future.

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