How My Next Book Became Two

Crowd Success TM Book by Rebecca Murtagh

After working on my next book for many months, I finally realized it really was two books. The moment I committed to that concept and divided the book into two, each book took on a life of their own.

I am so excited to share both books with you!

The original title of my book was Spheres of Influence. As I was developing the chapters and reviewing them with trusted advisors, it became clear how important it was to explain the power of human connections before jumping into how to build a network inherently supportive of one’s goals.

Crowd SuccessTM – The Book

The new book, Crowd SuccessTM, not only expands on how neuroscience, laws of nature and human psychology are predisposed and ready support each of us in our quest for personal achievement. Crowd Success shares powerful, proven methods to empower any startup entrepreneur, career professional, seasoned executive, college graduate, professional marketer, human resources or recruiting professional, or advocate for any cause; to achieve greater results from their efforts in networking, marketing, community-building, social engagement, social selling (or sales of any type).

Crowd SuccessTM Aligns Science With Pop Culture to Present a Solid Approach to Success

Crowd SuccessTM, publishing in Fall 2016 eliminates the hype found in similar books to hone-in on the science and proven methods inherent to how humans are wired to think and act. The book includes powerful stories shared by successful people (many of whom you may recognize) to illustrate how others have influenced their path to success and fulfillment.

Success is unique to each of us. Crowd SuccessTM emphasizes the importance of human relationships and how to apply the power of the crowd to achieving virtually any goal the mind can conceive.

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Spheres of Influence, the book outlining HOW to connect and cultivate relationships with audiences inherently supportive of you and your goals – on and offline – will be published shortly after…stay tuned for that announcement!

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