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Jan 19 Uses 50% off Coupon Deal To Build LivingSocial As a Groupon Competitor

By Rebecca Murtagh | SMM - Social Media Marketing

Amazon Goes After Groupon Market Share With Living Social Coupon Deal

50% coupon deal from Living Social

click to claim this deal! acquired Social Coupon Platform Living Social to go head to head with Groupon a mere month ago, but is wasting no time with a 50% offer for Gift Cards.

Amazon Demonstrates How Social Media Coupon Campaigns WORK

This Social Coupon Campaign is a perfect example of how social media and consumers can quickly be leveraged to quickly:

  • build brand awareness.
  • generate social influence online.
  • drive a ton of traffic to their website.
  • build a proprietary email list by geographic location.
  • An instant, opt-in audience to promote new offers to nationally or by city.

Do Social Coupon Deals Work?

You be the judge:
4 hours in to the promoton, over 400,000 deals have been redeemed/purchased. Each purchase requires the connection of the purchaser’s Facebook account or creation of a LivingSocial account.

Click Here to Get a piece of the 50% off Gift Card action!

If anyone questioned the abilit of @LivingSocial to take market share away from @Groupon, I believe the answer has been delivered today.
Wouldn’t you agree?