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Nov 25

Flashback: Are Marketers Approaching Social Media Marketing Like 1.0 Websites?

By Rebecca Murtagh | SMM - Social Media Marketing

A recent survey of BtoB Magazine illustrates what is important to business-to-business marketers in it’s “2010 Outlook”. What is crystal clear is the 2010 substantial focus on social media in the marketing budget.

Could Low Expectations Reflect a Web 1.0 Perspective?

A recent eMarketer report suggests, however, that the expectation of ROI or delivering results is on a different playing field. Marketing typically focuses on results. Yet, this study reveals that was that few marketers tangible results from social media marketing. What are these marketers missing?

“Isn’t this reminiscent of how marketers approached websites and the Internet in the early days?”

B2B Marketers Increase Social Media Marketing Budgets for 2010
B2B Marketers Increase Social Media Marketing Budgets for 2010

eMarketer reports that a mere 15% of marketers cite marketing products and 81% use social media for brand development, customer relations, competitive intelligence, etc. Could it be that marketers don’t yet fully understand social media platforms as a viable marketing medium? Could it be they haven’t quite figured out HOW to drive action and ROI from social media?

Marketers seems to be revealing that perhaps they are still trying to figure out how to leverage the social media landscape beyond social conversations and brand awareness. Of course 1-to-1 relationships are vital to social media success, but marketing must result in a conversion of some sort to generate ROI.

If Dell applied these goals could they have sold $3 million in computers from Twitter alone? I think perhaps not.

I have to say, because I started my Internet career in the mid 1990’s (when websites were owned by the corporate IT Department not Marketing) after many years as a traditional marketer, this is a very stark reminder of how marketers initially viewed the corporate website and the Internet.

How Marketers Viewed Websites in the Early Internet Days

If you weren’t a practicing marketer in the early days, let me fill you in…Websites were considered one-way communications. Essentially they pushed out their message via “online brochures” designed to promote the brand and to “one-up” the competition.

It was only after marketers embraced the website as a marketing medium, like they previously treated direct mail, in targeting customers, presenting calls to action, driving conversion, and impacting the bottom line, that they could justify KEEPING their budgets.

I’m just saying!
(Tell me what you think?!?)

Nov 22

@VirtualMarketer Offers Free Twitter Seminar & Webinar Simulcast

By Rebecca Murtagh | NY Digital Topics

“Demystifying Twitter”

Simultaneous FREE live Seminar and Virtual Webinar.
4:00PM – 4:45PM EST
Friday, Dec 11, 2009

Are you new to Twitter?
Have you created a Twitter account, but still not sure what to do next?

Join me, Rebecca Murtagh a/k/a @VirtualMarketer on Twitter for a Twitter Seminar / Webinar. This session offers a great introduction to Twitter but also helps those on Twitter better understand their audiences and what potential this Social Media platform offers.

This free seminar / webinar covers Twitter basics, Twitter demographics, Social Media Marketing best practices and how they relate to how you promote your business, organization or yourself on Twitter!

Twitter Topics:

  • Who is on Twitter (you may be surprised!)
  • Where Twitter is being used and why it matters.
  • Why Twitter is more than a Fad.
  • How Twitter is generating millions in sales and revenue for businesses.
  • What do think about when you get on Twitter.
  • When do you know you’re ready to Tweet?
  • Q&A

4:00PM – 4:45PM EST
Friday, Dec 11, 2009
Albany NY
Details & RSVP:

To be immediately followed by an Albany Tweetup!

Attend from anywhere!
4:00PM – 4:45PM EST
Friday, Dec 11, 2009
Registration required for webinar link and call details:

Nov 17

What is a TweetUp? How to Find a Tweetup

By Rebecca Murtagh | SMM - Social Media Marketing

If you’ve even glanced at Twitter, or know someone who Tweets, chances are good that you’ve heard of a Tweetup.

Until you’ve actually attended one, you may wonder…

What is a Tweetup and why are they so popular?

What is a Tweetup?” Explained by Emma Kahn

How do you find a Tweetup?

You may be looking for a Tweetup near your home town or city, or check one out while on vacation (I’ve done both and HIGHLY recommend Tweetups as a great way to meet new people and connect with Twitter friends!)

1. Use Twitter search to find a tweetup using the city name and the word Tweetup (all one word), for example: #AlbanyTweetup #NYCTweetup #NYTweetup , etc.

2. Search for Tweetups by city, using a third party website like, or .

3. Use Tweetups to expand your social network…which will naturally expand your business network.

So, find a Tweetup and get out there, you never know who you’re going to meet!

In social situations birds of a feather flock together. In task situations opposites attract. – Tony Alessandra

Nov 12

What Any Business Can Learn From How the U.S. Army Uses Social Media

By Rebecca Murtagh | SMM - Social Media Marketing , Video & Audio Blog , Virtual Marketing Topics

Recently I had the opportunity to discuss Military use of social media with U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Keven Arata at Blog World New Media Expo in Las Vegas, NV 2009. What he shared with me resonates with how marketers in the public and private sector are effectively are using Social Media around the world.

Kevin, who serves as Director of the Army’s Online and Social Media Division at the Pentagon in Washington D.C., shared the United States Army’s very deliberate, well thought out social media strategy.

Their mission is to reach out to the American people, serving, families and citizens around the world using Facebook, Twitter, Flckr and YouTube.

The U.S. Army currently considers Facebook where they have over 86,500 Facebook Fans to be their most vibrant social media forum. The Army has executed a thorough social media strategy however, which includes 20,000+ Followers on Twitter, various US Army accounts on Flckr and over 2,800 subscribers to their 1,800+ videos on YouTube.

“We recognize the importance of Social Media, we know we’ve got to be there, its important for us to get out there and we try to make it better every day.”

When asked if social media was being used predominantly for recruiting, Kevin was able to articulate the overall desire to engage and listen to interested audiences online beyond the recruiting objective. Upon visiting their various websites, you can the effort to be social and engaging…while being informative and of course, facilitating any enlistment requests.

So, what can your business learn from how the United States Army is using Social Media?

3 Key Social Media Best Practices You Can Use:

  1. Create an integrated Social Media strategy, leveraging all platforms that are relevant to your target audiences.

  2. Make a Commitment to post content regularly, creating mulitple opportunities or conversations to enhance the community dynamic of the social media profile or platform.

  3. Post, Engage and LISTEN…your audience will tell you what is important to them and how they are interested engaging you online.

My sincere gratitude to Lt. Colonel Kevin Arata of the United States Army for his willingness to do this video interview capturing the highlights of our off-air conversation about Social Media.

My thanks to Kevin and all US men and women, for their military service, who allow US citizens to freely use platforms like social media.

Nov 09

The Integrated Marketing Plan Includes Virtual Marketing for 2010

By Rebecca Murtagh | Integrated Marketing , SEM - Search Engine Marketing , SEO - Search Engine Optimization , SMM - Social Media Marketing

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” – Bill Gates

Nothing could be truer this day in age. Let’s face it, if you have not embraced the internet as a way to compete for market share, promote your brand and drive revenue, you risk falling behind, or out of sight of your customers, forever.

Pew Internet reports that Internet usage is up 25% over the previous year and continues to grow.

You and I are Shopping, Banking, Conducting Research and Communicating Socially on the Internet More Than Ever
So Are Your Customers!

In addition to traditional, offline marketing efforts, the Integrated Marketing Plan must include “Virtual Marketing” , including all things “internet” such as…search engine optimization to achieve top search rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. to social media marketing using Twitter and Facebook to reach customers where they are.

Amazingly, some companies still view the internet as a fad or frivilous platform that drains time and attention from day-to-day duties of management, employees and staff. Yet, few can dispute the success stories like Dell Computers generating $3 million dollars in sales from Twitter alone.

I’ve seen a great evolution in the corporate mindset about SEO, PPC advertising, Email marketing and Social Media marketing, yet few seem to understand that the integration of all platforms will serve them best, as these platforms become even more connected online.

What do you perceive to be the greatest challeng in melding all virtual marketing methods for an integrated marketing strategy in 2010?

Looking to more effectively Integrate Virtual Marketing into your 2010 Marketing Plan for a better return on investment?
Rebecca Murtagh is a recognized marketing expert, available for Corporate, Small Business and One-to-One 2010 Virtual and Integrated Marketing Consulting & Coaching.

Save time, money and get the biggest bang for your buck when investing resources in Virtual and Integrated Marketing endeavors. Rebecca will identifiy opportunities unique to your business and goals and share best practices, cross-promotion and conversion strategies to help deliver ROI from your on and offline Marketing Plan in 2010.

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