Rebecca Murtagh on Innovation in Leadership in the age of AI
AI and Human Life, Media Room

Rebecca Murtagh Discusses the Role of Innovation in Leadership Amidst AI and Digital Transformation on Marketing Show

Listen in as Rebecca Murtagh joins Russ Hedge on his marketing show for a powerful and lighthearted, unscripted discussion about why now, more than ever, leaders interested in surviving and thriving the acceleration of technology will be faced with a decision between being disrupted or becoming disruptors, through innovation.

Rebecca describes digital transformation as a permanent source of disruption, now more than ever with the rise of artificial intelligence and intelligent machines.

Why Leaders Must Embrace Innovation Now

Rebecca explains how the accelerating rate of technology advancement is challenging leaders, and how this environment demands proactive strategies, not fear. Hear Rebecca describe the unique opportunities AI (artificial intelligence) are creating for business and organizational leaders to innovate and enjoy success, versus contraction amidst disruption.

The discussion meanders through some of the challenges workplace leaders currently face and will face as automation and artificial intelligence become more deeply integrated into virtually every aspect of business in every industry.

What role does investing Human Capital play in leadership amidst the great disruption organizations leaders will experience in coming months and years, created by Artificial Intelligence?

Tune in!

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