Worldwide and Market Response to Apple 4S Launch in Lieu of iPhone 5

Could iPhone 5 Product Launch That Wasn’t Become A Crack in the Armor of the Apple Brand?

Yesterday the world shifted their attention to what was expected to be the launch of the latest Apple mobile device, the iPhone 5. Media, blogs, consumers and investors were all abuzz in the weeks and days prior to the much-anticipated release, elevating anticipation, and expectations.

What Made Apple’s iPhone 4S Launch Such a Disappointment?

Several aspects of this product launch contributed to what was perceived by consumers, media and investors alike, as a great big let-down.
The iPhone 5 Launch that wasn’t…
  • Was the first product launch after departure of beloved CEO Steve Jobs
  • The world expected the iPhone 5 and Apple did little to manage expectations.
  • Steve Jobs, former CEO always introduced product. Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook exited the stage, leaving the product launch to Worldwide Marketing executive. (can you blame him?)
  • The iPhone 4s new offering was underwhelming to say the least.

The iPhone Product Launch (Not) Heard Around The World

Overseas, the Apple iPhone 4s launch is viewed as a “stumble” perceived to open doors to mobile device rivals.
“Apple no longer has a leading edge; its cloud service is even behind Android; it can only sell on brand loyalty now,” claimed C.K. Lu, a Gartner analyst in Taipei.
On Wednesday, the Market responded to the Apple announcement with a dip in Apple stock, which nearly recovered, and gains for Phone rivals Samsung, HTC and Nokia.

The Impact on the Apple Brand

Yesterday’s perceived “bait and switch” launch of the iPhone 4s in lieu of the much anticipated iPhone 5 has impacted Apple’ worldwide brand god will and equity.Will this be a temporary set-back for Apple?
Or, will the Apple brand adapt, respond and recover?
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