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How Will AI Impact College Students Plans for the Future?

Greek University’s Michael Ayalon of “Fraternity Foodie Podcast” Hosts Rebecca Murtagh to discuss how Artificial Intelligence might impact college students plans for career and entrepreneurship.

Listen in as podcast host Michael Ayalon of Greek University’s ‘Fraternity Foodie Podcast’ hosts a timely discussion with Rebecca Murtagh on how college students plans for future careers and entrepreneurship are likely to be impacted by Artificial Intelligence.

400-800 MILLION humans are expected to lose their jobs and careers to AI by 2030.

Rebecca answers timely and extremely relevant questions that EVERY college student and their parents should be thinking about as they work toward achieving the degree that will enable them to build the career or business they’ve dreamed of, and invested so much in.

Question: Could humans really become house pets to robots?

Question: How do we future-proof our careers and businesses amidst AI and automation?

Question: How do we protect our human freedoms amidst the rise of AI?

Question: How can college students use Artificial Intelligence to achieve their goals faster?

Question: What can college students do to adapt their marketing messages to appeal to virtual audiences (and future employers) in a post-pandemic world?

Question: What small changes students can make to their organizational websites, like fraternities and not-for profits, to get more leads and attract more new students to join?

Question: How can we can make videos that convert to leads better?

Question: What food can you recommend in your area?

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