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Smart Touchscreen Compatible Gloves for Mobile Devices A Must-Have Gift For Your Favorite Geek!

Smart Touch Gloves are so Cool, or should I say Hot!?

Tech mobile touchscreen compatible gloves for men and women – now we can stay warm while we’re staying in touch!

These gloves are touchscreen compatible. Who knew? They make gloves to buy for youself, or for your favorite technology geek.Smart Touch Gloves

I bought these on a whim before the temperature dropped low enough to wear them.  It sounded like a great concept…gloves I can wear while using my mobile devices (phone, ipod, etc.)

I broke them out this morning when it was around 20 degrees. (brrrrr) I wasn’t sure how good the gloves would be on my Android phone…the true test was while I was in the car. (stopped of course!)

These gloves work great!

I thought I’d have to overcompensate to make the Tech Touch glove finger type emails and texts, but after the first few words I knew I’d found a way to stay warm and stay in touch while mobile.

The fit is a little snug (guess it’d have to be in order for you to have control over the digits using the mobile device) , but they are also stretchable so they’d probably fit any woman comfortably. Men have more choices when it comes to touchscreen compatible gloves…from bulky winter weather gloves (great for the man that works outdoors alot) and gloves that look more like the woman’s…a little more lightweight but still worth their weight in gold in my book.

I love these so much I shared on Twitter this morning and one of my followers asked where I got them, so I checked to see who sold them online.

I found Smart Touch gloves for women on sale online plus an assortment of men’s tech touch gloves, and I’m sure you can find them at your local store or at other online retailers in plenty of time before the snow piles up.

Whether you need hard core winter gloves with touch capability or lightwweight stylish gloves just enough to keep your hands warm while using your mobile device, you, your friends, colleagues and family are sure to appreciate these this winter…I’m guessing we’ll see an even greater variety next year!

The gloves are touted to be compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartphones, and pretty much any other touchscreen mobile device you may use.

So, if you’re like me, always looking for a cool gift for your favorite technology geek…this may just impress them! (if they are in a chilly climate that is : )

Stay warm!

Tech Glove Giveaway – Yes FREE!

Ho Ho Ho! I love these gloves so much I bought a couple of pair of Women’s Gloves to give away… (sorry guys, men’s appear to be all sold out!)

Tell me Why YOU (or someone you love) should have them!

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