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May 30

How Google Knowledge Graph Changes Search and SEO Forever

By Editor | Rebecca's Thoughts on . . . , SEO - Search Engine Optimization

How Google Knowledge Graph Is Impacting Search and SEO In February  2012 I wrote a blog post covering Google’s shift from word-based index to the knowledge graph. I based my presentation at PubCon Paradise social media and search conference in Waikiki to an audience of SEO and social media professionals on how the Knowledge Graph would change how search […]

May 29

Agency iAcquire Banned by Google for Covertly Buying Links for Dunn & Bradstreet Brand

By Rebecca Murtagh | Rebecca's Thoughts on . . .

Google Blacklists and De-Indexes Agency iAcquire for Covertly Buying Links Reminiscent of the early days of search when SEO’s more frequently publicly about websites they’ve worked on being de-listed, blacklisted or banned from Google, it appears the fall-out of Google Penguin Update continues over a month after the “rules of search” have changed. Covert Link Buying […]

May 15

PubCon Video Introduction to SEO and Keywords Featuring Rebecca Murtagh

By Rebecca Murtagh | Seminars & Events

PubCon Blog: A Free Video Introduction to SEO and Keyword Research PubCon invites speaker Rebecca Murtagh to share her strategic approach to SEO and Keywords. SEO has become complex and challenging. Recent algorithm changes are forcing webmasters, marketers and entrepreneurs to adapt their SEO methods to achieve visibility in search.     Beyond Keywords: A Strategic […]