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Nov 29

Tips: How to Reduce Impact of Cyber Monday & Holiday Shopping on Your Business

By Rebecca Murtagh | Retail & Internet Shopping , Virtual Marketing Topics

Cyber Monday & Holiday Shopping Has Business Owners Cringing as Employees Shop and Productivity & Profit Suffers Black Friday has come and gone, and for those who have not yet gotten their fill of shopping and great deals, CyberMonday is when retailers make “internet only” deals available…distracting workers and making employers cringe. According to the National Retail Foundation […]

Nov 09

Google Instant Preview – How SEO and Search Just Changed

By Rebecca Murtagh | SEO - Search Engine Optimization , Virtual Marketing Topics

Google Launches Instant Preview Search Just Became More Visual with Google Instant Preview. What is Google Instant Preview, How does it Change Search and What Will it Mean to SEO? Google now provides the option of previewing the website page before the click. After opting to view Google Instant Preview, search engine results display a small […]