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PubCon Paradise Aloha and Mahalo from Rebecca Murtagh

Aloha and a Big Mahalo for
PubCon Paradise 2012

Another PubCon has come and gone, but this Sending Aloha and a big Mahalo to PubCon Team Speakers and Attendees!social media and search conference was especially memorable.

Memorable because it was set in paradise, thanks to Brett Tabke and the fabulous PubCon team. The setting was perfect at Waikik’s Hilton Hawaiian Village for the event and socializing. But, also memorable because the event felt so exclusive, featuring top-notch sessions in an intimate setting small enough to promote one-to-one engagement, and large enough to send every attendee and presenter home with invaluable knowledge to apply immediately to their profession. Without the typical “trade show” exhibits the  entire focus wason the content being delivered in the conference sessions, and the exchange of ideas among all in attendance.PubCon Pre-Session Prep

In addition to keynotes by’s Terry Jones and Scott Stratten, the grid of conference sessions was diverse and full of timely, thought-provoking insights, opinions, observations and best practices shared by innovative thinkers and leaders in the social media and search landscape.

Real People Sharing Real-World Insight

Like any event, it is the people that make or break it. I always enjoy listening to, and connecting with thought-leaders to share observations, business strategies and projections of where the evolution of Google Search, Google+, Facebook, Twitter,  Linkedin and countless other platforms will take us.

The best of the best came to share their expertise in Hawaii. PubCon Paradise attendees had outstanding session choices, featuring presentations by experts like Kristine Schachinger, Mark Barrera, Dan Zarrella, David Wallace, Kate Morris, Andy Beal, Tony Wright, Allison Zarrella, and Rob Garner, many of whom I have had the pleasure of presenting or moderating sessions with in recent years.

I can always count on my “SEO” friends to be candid and honest as we fervently cover the latest algorithm changes, announcements, user interface updates and how they leverage the technology to serve the needs of our clients. In addition to intense discussion, there is a tremendous sense of family among those who participate in PubCon events.

PubCon events are successful because attendees travel from around the world to glean insight from the brightest minds in the industry. In my “Future of Social Media and Search” session, we had a few local business people from the Hawaiian Islands, as the rest traveled across the ocean from the continental United States, Europe, Japan and other countries. Attendees are professionals from website development, marketing, social media companies, corporations and small businesses with high expectations for the most up-to-date information to do their job better. And, that is exactly what they get from the speakers, each a recognized expert in their field and part of a mosaic of talent, intelligence and insight that other events would be hard-pressed to rival.

A Big Mahalo!

My sincere gratitude and thanks to the PubCon team for putting on a high-quality conference. I am honored to be among the speakers invited to return to speak at the PubCon events, and hope to continue do so for a long time to come.

Haven’t been to a PubCon event?
I highly recommend you consider attending any PubCon conference…you will be so glad you did!


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Rebecca Murtagh on Google Intel Inside is Data, Shift From ‘Word Based Index’ in Search to Knowledge Graph

Rebecca Murtagh Leads the Discussion on Google’s Intel Inside as Data and Shift From Word Based Index to Knowledge Graph at Social Media and Search Conference

Rebecca Murtagh challenged attendees of her February 14th Pubcon Paradise presentation in Waikiki, Hawaii on “The Convergence of Social Media and Search”. Rebecca challenged marketers to emerge from the myopic approach of keywords in SEO and search to look ahead to integrate the relationships between people, brands and each other to influence visibility in social media and search engines.

Google Search Shifts Focus from Words to Relational Data

In 2007, Google told the world their “intel inside” was data, not search. This, along with Google’s most recent discussion of the Knowledge Graph from the word-based index we have come to know in Google Search will change the way we search and interact with data on the web. -Rebecca Murtagh

The Ground is Shifting in Search

In February 2012, Google Fellow Amit Singhal shared the vision of the Google Knowledge Graph in an interview with Lance Ulanoff of Mashable. Having invested many months in observing, testing and adapting strategies around how Google Search was integrating social engagement, Rebecca challenged PubCon attendees to elevate their perspective to look beyond the mechanics of keyword-centric SEO to appease Google’s Word-Based Index, to leverage the relationship between content, brands and people to keep up with the way Google will “connect the dots” online in the future.

Google is “building a huge, in-house understanding of what an entity is and a repository of what entities are in the world and what should you know about those entities,” Amit Singhal told Mashable.

“Google’s desire to shift from the mere meaning of words on their own merit, to the relationship between those words, people, places and things, using artificial intelligence will change the way we search and live,” explains Rebecca. “Sometimes search and social media practitioners get caught in the weeds with details, and comfort with the status quo. My goal was to heighten awareness of attendees beyond the mechanics of the “keyword” to the relationship between their brand, people and content to achieve visibility in a new way. Google’s use of artificial intelligence and the Knowledge Graph will present a challenge for many, however those who continue to adapt their methods to remain relevant will win in social media and search”, said Rebecca Murtagh. View the entire Amit Singhal interview on Rebecca’s PubCon Paradise presentation can be viewed below.

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Social Media & Search

The Latest in the Convergence of Social Media and Search

Excerpts From Convergence of Social Media and Search Presentation – PubCon Paradise 2012

I am talking about the continual convergence of Social Media and Search at PubCon Paradise in Waikiki Hawaii.

I would be happy to make the presentation available to anyone who +1’s this page, post on my Google+ page, or contact me via Twitter or email.

Below are links to some of the references made during the presentation.

How “Google Plus Your World” Works in Search – by Google

Google’s Intel Inside is Data, Not Search -my  2008 Blog Post

My Thought-provoking Google+ Post on Google’s Shift From Word Based Index to Knowledge Base

Link to Amit Singhal’s Website


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Rebecca Murtagh Reveals Initiatives & Ventures With New Website

Chances are if you follow social media, search or digital marketing discussions online you’ve come across Rebecca Murtagh’s Google+ Profile, Tweets, Linkedin Profile, Facebook profile, Digital Marketing Firm, or All Virtual Marketing Blog.

After 20-something years in marketing (actual years held back, after all a woman never reveals her age), and sixteen years leading the conversation of how to use the Internet for business, Rebecca Murtagh is launching a new website to highlight her professional ventures and initiatives.

Rebecca has typically kept her projects quiet. Most of her clients require confidentiality, so she can’t share her client list, or what she’s working on in that respect. However, after years of leading the industry in identifying emerging trends and creating best practices, solutions and methods that help brands and businesses, Rebecca has decided to share more of what some call “the best kept secrets” in the ebusiness, marketing, social media and search engine landscape.

“There aren’t enough hours in the day to work one-on-one with all the entrepreneurs, businesseses I’d like to. My many years of technology, marketing and internet experience contribute to an informed, unique perspective I hope readers will find thought-provoking and useful in continually evolving their strategy to achieve optimum success. ”
-Rebecca Murtagh

Rebecca Murtagh, The Author

Rebecca has been writing for many years. She has several books in the works, two of which are expected to be published in 2012. “Million Dollar Website: The Definitive Guide to Creating a Winning Website on Any Budget” is slated to release in Spring 2012 and “Spheres of Influence” will be released shortly thereafter.
Additional titles are scheduled to follow.

Rebecca Murtagh, The Speaker

A popular keynote speaker, seminar, workshop and conference session speaker, Rebecca Murtagh has been sharing thought-provoking insights, observations on emerging trends, and best practices with audiences at international conventions, corporate training events, trade conferences, entrepreneurship groups, colleges and universities.

View list of Rebecca’s Public Speaking Engagements.

Rebecca Murtagh, The Educator

A firm believer in “Knowledge is Power”, Rebecca has been developing and delivering seminars, training programs, custom corporate training events, seminars and webinars on internet, search, social media, mobile, and digital marketing topics since 1998.

Rebecca Murtagh, The Mentor

Rebecca has also taken in a number of graduate and under-graduate marketing and business students from local colleges and universities as interns, helping them gain real-world experience in a wide variety of internet, social media and marketing initiatives.

Rebecca Murtagh, The Inspirational Speaker

Rebecca shared her “Passion is Power” topic for the very first time in 2003 to overwhelming positive response in a packed conference room full of attendees that weren’t quite sure what to expect. The session created a buzz that carried throughout th rest of the conference.

Rebecca’s book, “Passion is Power”, has been a pet project that has continued to evolve over recent years is likely to be released by early 2013.

Rebecca has delivered a variety of lectures, discussions and presentations designed to help entrepreneurs leverage their strengths to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, grow their business for greater succcess and personal fulfillment. Watch for more on this topic.

Rebecca Murtagh, The Consultant

Rebecca is frequently called upon by clients, colleagues and peers to lend her insight, expertise and creative approach to help start-ups, business turnarounds and companies seeking venture capital or to reinvent themselves.

Visit to learn more about Digital Marketing, Social Media & SEO strategy and services.

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Future Impact of Google’s Knowledge Graph on Search Shouldn’t Be A Surprise

Google Designs to Build the Ultimate Knowledge Base Will Feed Artificial Intelligence That Will Change How we Search and Live Our Lives

Back in 2008 I blogged about a statement Google made regarding search: The “intel inside” of Google was not search, but data. What I wrote regarding the quality of online content is more relevant than ever. It is not about keyword and phrase matching, but providing answers to questions and solutions to problems.

Yet, many in the search engine optimization and website industry appear to be shaken by the Knowledge Base Vision laid out by Google SVP and Fellow Amit Singhl in a recent interview where he explained how Google is evolving from historical word-based index to a knowledge base. This approach to data leverages the principles of artificial intelligence (AI) to make predictive assumptions to display what it believes the individual conducting a search may be seeking in search, or outside of search. This compilation of data, coupled with the unique preferences of individuals which they are undoubtedly aggregating, will enable Google to create a new reality far beyond search and the internet.

Google Knowledge Base & Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence drives the robotics of Google’s self-driving cars (which exist, today as covered by Tech Crunch), connecting the dots between places, maps, profiles and consumers. Google Maps, Google Places, Google Profiles and the Knowledge Base will create a reality most of us could never have imagined, until now.

Google’s quest to aggregate data for the ultimate knowledge base is illustrated in the pending migration of knol, a service designed to enable the publishing of a “unit of knowledge” to a new open-source, open-access scholarly authoring and publishing platform called Annotom, based on a WordPress platform.

So, Google’s vision may seem new, but for those who have been listening, this is yet another step toward Google’s design to become an integral part of human life. Search will become a more integrated function of various aspects of daily life from shopping to driving.

Minority Report – From Fiction to Reality

Brings up visions of “Minority Report” to me.
How far away can we be from living the experience of Tom Cruise’s character “John Anderson”  (as seen in the video below)?

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