All your goals and dreams are on the other side of fear - Rebecca Murtagh quote
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Fear is a Four-Letter Word

Fear: The Most Powerful 4-Letter Word of All Time

Have you ever noticed?
Some things must end badly, otherwise, they would never end.

Right now you are probably thinking of something that ended badly in your life. A job, relationship, project, investment, or something else that required you to make a choice.

Why is it, sometimes things have to go south before we finally make a change? It seems that the greater the commitment or more significant the matter is, the harder it is to proactively act, no matter how much we may realize a change is needed.

Why Do We Resist Change?

The reasons why humans are resistant to change may be unique, yet most fall under common themes, such as;

  • fear of the unknown (what’s next?)
  • fear of disappointing others
  • fear of being judged or misunderstood
  • fear that there may not be something better
  • fear of regret
  • fear of being alone
  • fear of not being financially safe
  • fear of offending others
  • fear of failure

Four Letters With Immense Power

Think about how powerful these 4 letters are. When you put the letters F, E, A, R together to form the word fear it becomes powerful enough to stop humans in their tracks. We may not speak this four letter word as often as others, yet fear impacts us more than any other word.

EVERY DAY fear prevents humans from realizing their full potential, seizing opportunities and making decisions that could improve their life immensely.

Fear is powerful because there are no guarantees in life. The only thing we can be sure of is irregardless of how healthy we may be, we are terminally ill and will die – some day.

This reality makes it more important for us to face our fears. Insignificant things do not immobilize us with fear. In order to be afraid of something we must already, deep within our heart and mind, recognize how significant the change would be to our lives.

Everything Good Awaits Beyond Fear

Fear and I are well acquainted. I have let fear prevent me from making some decisions, or delaying important decisions until the situation became so unbearable I had no choice but to act. I suspect the fact that I recognized the need to make a change accelerated the decline of situation into a point where I was forced to make the tough decision. Once made, nearly every decision I was fearful to make has turned out better than I had imagined…sometimes immensely better!

What about you?
What is fear keeping you from achieving?

If you need help conquering your fears, find someone to help you build up the courage to act. We humans make better decisions when others collaborate and help us explore the possibilities. The guidance and support of a trusted advisor, friend, coach, colleague, partner, or family member is invaluable when making decisions and overcoming fear.

As I explain in my book, no one succeeds alone! The most successful people in the world rely on coaches, counselors, advisors and guides. There is no shame in getting help, in fact my book explains in GREAT DETAIL how essential interaction with others is to our survival and success.

So…Are you ready overcome your fear and turn your goals and dreams into reality?

Explore your Empowerment Options!

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Corona Virus Crowdfunding Update
Rebecca's Thoughts on . . .

Crash to Cancer , Then Coronavirus

Disruption = Opportunity!

The past few weeks have been surreal for all of us. Coronavirus has changed life in ways none of us could have imagined when we entered this decade. Some are challenged by “stay at home” orders and travel restrictions, while others risk their lives to work on the front lines to provide health care or essential services.

The lives of millions of people, along with their careers and businesses, have been disrupted by COVID-19. When we are faced with disruption, we are faced with a choice. We must choose between inaction (giving up) and action (overcoming).

Live With Intent & Reinvent!

The best way to survive ANY disruption is to live with intent. When we plan and prepare for the future, disruptions do not define us, they REFINE US.

Like everyone, I had a busy schedule and big plans for March and April before coronavirus hit. The timing of coronavirus is especially disappointing to me. I had been planning this Spring to be my “come back” celebration of getting my mojo back. I wasn’t coming back from failure. I was returning from battle.

Disruptions Refine Us

The week after I was released to walk after breaking my leg in two places (a Maisonneuve fracture) and spending months isolated at home elevating my leg, I was told I had breast cancer. I spent the following weeks and months immersed in research, surgeries, and revamp of my daily routine and diet. I emerged grateful, joyous, triumphant and DETERMINED to do work I genuinely love.

I chose to transform these disruptions into opportunities to reinvent my future. The work I have enjoyed most over the years is helping others turn their gifts and talents into profitable businesses and careers. I find great joy in helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

My Pivot

I am now directing my passion, decades of experience, and countless hours teaching and consulting executives, entrepreneurs and professionals. I want to help others find their passion and the genius within to build sustainable success doing the work they were meant to do.  

Several weeks ago, while operating on all cylinders breathing life into my plan, I was approached by Publishizer, a literary agency that connects authors with publishers via crowdfunding campaigns to submit my non-fiction book to compete for an international publishing deal that includes international distribution and placement in airport book stores (a bucket list item for me : )

I accepted the invitation and decided to crowdfund ‘Success and the Genius Within’ the sequel to the book I had planned to release in April 2020 – and compete for the publishing deal.

In the first couple days over 100 copies were preordered, and my book rose to #2 in the crowdfunding competition. I was so excited!
Then reality set in.

Pause for Pandemic

Coronavirus was named a pandemic. All my plans evaporated, and the crowdfunding campaign was the only thing left. I grappled with pulling the crowdfunding campaign out of sensitivity to those losing their jobs or falling victim to the virus.

Then, I had a revelation.
I explain in the video below why the book about disruption I am crowdfunding is more relevant than ever:

Let disruptions and pain refine you, not define you.”
~ Rebecca Murtagh

We humans are quite resilient, especially when we use disruption to refine us, not define us.

I encourage you take advantage of this time to reassess priorities and your path forward.
Ask yourself:

  • Do I love what I do?
  • Am I fulfilled by my work?
  • Am I realizing my full potential?
  • Is my career or business poised to survive disruption?  
  • Am I using my gift and talents to serve my goals and the goals of others?
  • How do I achieve my goals and dreams faster?

I address these topics and much deeper in my book, but these questions are a great way to get begin thinking about creating a “future-proof” career or business.

If this intrigues you at all, I would be so grateful for your support. My book “Success and the Genius Within: Your Guide to Human AI, the Future of Work, Innovation and Creativity Amidst the Greatest Disruption in Human History” is available for preorder through April 15, 2020 when the competition for the international publishing deal ends.

The book is accompanied by a Free Master Class and will be published whether it wins the competition or not.

Buy One, I’ll Donate One!

To pay it forward, I am donating a free book and master class for EVERY copy of Success and the Genius Within preordered to non-profits for EVERY copy ordered, whether you order one copy or a bonus packaged with dozens or hundreds of copies for your company, team, event, book club, association, graduating class, friends or family. You can also donate any one of the deeply discounted packages to your favorite class, organization, or not-for-profit.

Together, we can inspire people around the world to transform disruption into opportunity.

If you are under financial stress and cannot preorder the book, yet still want to support the campaign…simply subscribe to campaign updates on the crowdfunding page (a metric publishers consider I am told), and you will receive exclusive updates about the book, master class and other developments.

Love and light to you and yours.

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